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PBX Telephone Systems for Hospitals and Clinics


Telecom and IP-PBX Systems for Clinics and Hospitals

Today’s hospitals battle enumerable challenges. Among them are problems involving productivity, staff efficiency, patient satisfaction, and administrative costs. One solution is to implement a streamlined communications strategy through reliable hospital phone systems.

Kital’s IP-PBX systems for hospitals help improve workflow and direct communications among patients, doctors, nurses, and administrative staff, all while keeping the costs under control. We will equip your hospital or clinic with innovative IP telephony so you can focus on delivering high-quality patient care.

PBX phone systems in hospitals

Customizing Phone Systems for Hospitals and Clinics

PBX and data networks for hospitals are some of the most challenging to build and maintain. With a long list of patients, staff, and services comes huge volumes of voice and data traffic. Add to that the increasing demands for healthcare data security.

Hospitals have turned to IP-PBX or cloud-based communication solutions to meet the growing complexity of delivering medical services.

Phone With Touch Screen

With so many advancements in IP telephony available, you can customize your hospital phone system with rich capabilities, such as these:

  • Desk-to-desk dialing
  • Appointment scheduling/reminders
  • Fast and efficient call routing
  • Extensive call reporting
  • Call monitoring & recording
  • IP paging systems
  • Secure smartphone extensions
  • Voicemail and fax-to-mail
  • Unified messaging (SMS, chat, email, etc.)
  • Multi-point call and video conferencing
  • Remote extensions for mobile offices
  • Code-based alarm for emergency calls
  • Third-party software integration
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With a customized hospital phone system, you’ll gain these benefits:

  • Stronger patient-doctor relationships
  • Productive and mobile workforce
  • Timely delivery of accurate information
  • Efficient & secure management of patient data
  • Clear therapeutic instructions
  • Optimized patient care
  • Better accessibility for homebound patients
  • Improved employee interaction & collaboration
  • Reduced workloads and operational costs

The Telecom Needs of Hospitals and Clinics

A hospital phone system is a vital piece of infrastructure in such a fast-paced environment. Hospitals and clinics have a heavy schedule and complex network of individuals doing specialized work. Such environments also receive volumes of external calls coming from insurance companies, vendors, and people needing emergency services.

Each hospital has unique needs. A teaching hospital, for example, will need to meet the demands of its patients while providing sufficient training and education to future healthcare professionals.

For big hospitals with remote branches, mobile connectivity is a critical requirement.

An ideal hospital phone system should allow for better call optimization and inter-office coordination so that the workflow is streamlined. This way, medical teams and staff can manage the complicated process involved in treating each patient. With a more efficient and collaborative staff, you can deliver better patient care and minimize operational costs.

Given all these issues, pagers and outdated PABX equipment just won’t cut it. Today’s hospitals and clinics PBX phone systems that bring voice, video, and data services to support internal, external, and mobile communications. 

    At the same time, they need a system that is compliant with current security regulations and sensitive to, in some instances, already shrinking healthcare budgets.


    Phone Systems Designed for Healthcare Environments

    Get the VoIP features and system integrations your clinic or hospital need with Kital. We can design, deploy, and maintain your entire telecom infrastructure, whether it’s cloud-based (off-site) or on-premise.

    Your telecom needs are in good hands with our extensive expertise, structured cabling services, and partnership with three global brands:

    xorcom new model phones


    Xorcom’s unified Communications over Internet Protocol (CoIP) is designed to support the internal and external communications of small, medium, and large businesses. Considering its extensive features and value-added functions, it is the ideal IP-PBX system for a wide range of industries. Kital, with our commitment to delivering quality products and services to the Philippine market, is proud to supply Xorcom products and software to our clients — especially hospitals and clinics across the Philippines.

    gsm gateway


    Yeastar is one of the world’s leading providers of SME PBX systems and a pioneer of Unified Communications (UC) solutions. The company modernized the mission-critical communication systems of over 200,000 customers in more than 100 countries. Its solutions deliver quality, high performance, and cost-effective pricing to mid-sized companies. In the Philippines, Kital is the trusted Yeastar distributor, providing sophisticated communications solutions to various industries such as hospitals and clinics.

    Open Vox

    Open Vox is the perfect fit for large, urban hospitals with more than 200 beds and several remote locations. It’s a powerful piece of technology that can unify your analog and digital phone systems. If you already have a complex telephony system in place, Open Vox lets you upgrade it with data and unified communications capabilities. This way, you’ll still be able to retain your legacy systems while benefiting from advanced VoIP capabilities. With it, you can switch between multiple PSTN and GSM channels, as well as remote extensions.

    Transform Your Hospital Communications with Kital

    Advanced communications technologies can bring a long list of benefits to your patients, staff, and hospital. Partner with Kital and equip your hospital with a customized and cost-effective telecom system. Get in touch with us today.


    Kital is an innovative telecom, IP Telephony, and customized solutions provider to small-to-medium-sized businesses and large enterprises in the Philippines.

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