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Sundray Switch

Sundray has been a major provider of state-of-the-art comprehensive WLAN solutions for enterprises. It has helped enterprises and businesses in different industries build solid and secure network foundations with its Sundray switches.

sundray network controllers

Switches for Secure and Efficient Networks

The Kital Group is a SEC-registered company providing network security technology to the Philippine Market.

The company is one of the most trusted Philippine distributors of Sundray switches. Sundray’s products have been a convenient and effective solution for enterprises to increase their network security.

Why Invest in Sundray Switches for my Business?

Stronger Security

Network switches help prevent unauthorized access, both externally and internally. It lets administrators control access within a network and monitor usage, so data assets stay in the right hands.

Easy Monitoring

Managing networks can become complicated as a business grows, but Sundray can help. Sundray’s switches come with an intuitive network status display and ‘Intelligent Sense’ that visualize and monitor the network.

Improved Network Performance

A reliable switch can boost a network’s performance by avoiding frame collisions and maximizing the use of available bandwidth. It also helps reduce network downtime so operations can work smoothly.

Enhanced Productivity

A Sundray Switch is not only relevant in cybersecurity but also impacts a business’s overall productivity. With a secure connection and fewer downtime instances, teams can transfer data more efficiently.

Explore the Sundray V-sec Switch Series

Sundray’s V-Sec Switch models are designed for simple deployment and management. Check out state-of-the-art switch models:



Network Access Controllers (NAC) enable unified user authentication and role-based authentication for wired connections through V-Sec switches. This offers convenience without compromising security.

vsec poe switch

V-Sec PoE Switch

Manage and power remote-powered devices to support your organization’s operations and security. The V-Sec PoE Switch offers unified management and access control and can be configured through the app.

modular core switch

Modular Core Switch

Establish a strong foundation for your hierarchy network with a top-notch modular core switch from Sundray. This switch offers flexibility for a growing network with changing network requirements.

access switch

V-Sec Access Switch

The V-Sec Access Switch facilitates traffic in the access layer, ensuring that data packets are transmitted to the correct device. It records all traffic and preemptively blocks abnormal user behavior.

vsec distribution switch

V-Sec Distribution Switch

Ensure accurate data redirection and efficient data traffic management with Sundray’s V-Sec Distribution Switch. Intelligent and intuitive, this switch helps reinforce your organization’s traffic security policies..

The Sundray X-Link Switch Series

The X-Link Switch series is designed to be managed specifically for enterprises with strict network security requirements. Explore X-Link Switch models here:

xlink switch

X-LINK Manageable Switch

This type of switch requires an administrator to configure and manage network traffic. It offers great security features and can easily scale up as your business grows.

xlink switch

X-LINK Manageable POE Switch

This POE switch gives the user control over their network, including the level of security they employ. The X-LINK Manageable POE Switch is intuitive, and thus easy to configure.

xlink switch

X-LINK Unmanageable Switch

This type of switch is plug-and-play and manages network traffic based on a fixed configuration. This is most suitable for small enterprises with limited needs but want superior traffic management.

vsec distribution switch

X-LINK Unmanageable POE Switch

This unmanageable POE switch guarantees easy set-up and use. It comes with built-in security and Quality of Service (QoS) to ensure optimized network traffic management.

Enhance Efficiency and Collaboration

Efficiency is key to a company’s success today. Ensure productivity with a reliable network switch to manage your traffic. Explore Sundray’s switches with Kital’s technical support team to find the solution for you.

Manage Network Traffic for Elevated Efficiency and Performance

Your choice of network management solutions has a direct impact on your team’s productivity and your business’s performance. Redefine the way you operate with a reliable switch to help you regulate network traffic.

Get in touch with a Kital Agent today to learn about Sundray’s Switches in the Philippines.



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