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Yeastar P-Series PBX System

Level up the daily operations and business communications of your small to medium-sized enterprise by utilizing the Yeastar P Series into your IP PBX communication solutions. With a comprehensive PBX system that features voice and video compatibility, software applications, and more, you can equip your team for successful collaboration and maximum productivity. Improve internal comms and processes for a better overall customer experience with Yeastar P Series solutions!

Yeastar P-Series

The Yeastar P Series: A Tailor-Made Solution for SMEs

The Yeastar P Series encourages small and medium enterprises to explore boundless business possibilities through seamless connection. It’s a complete PBX system that is purpose-built for sophisticated communication and uninterrupted collaboration.

Invest in an SMB phone system that confidently offers the following:

Get in touch with Kital and explore the best Yeastar P Series Solution for your small to medium business enterprise!

How SMBs Benefit from Yeastar P-Series

Yeastar is one of the world’s most trusted providers of PBX systems. Many SMEs rely on its UC solutions to modernize their communication systems and provide better customer service. Small and mid-sized businesses also find the cost-effective pricing attractive.

The Yeastar P-Series PBX System is particularly attractive because of the following benefits:

Making Calls from Your Preferred Web Browser through Linkus UC

The Yeastar P Series PBX carries the LinkUs UC feature, which lets you use any Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows device to make audio and video calls straight from the web browser. It turns regular mobile phones and desktop computers into secure office extensions. As a result, you stay connected at home, in the office, or on the go.

Through Linkus UC, P-Series PBX users can access all office extension features from any device. You also get secure remote access via a domain name from Yeastar.

Collaborating in Real Time through Integrated Video Conferencing

SMBs are no stranger to face-to-face conversations that determine the success of any venture or collaboration. The Yeastar P Series PBX makes these conversations happen regardless of your team’s locations. It features an integrated web conferencing solution for remote collaborators.

The web-based video conferencing system encourages team collaboration and strengthens business relationships. You get more things done and you get them done quicker.

Securing a Simple and Economical Communications Solution

Yeastar’s Complete PBX System proves that sophisticated telephony systems don’t need to be expensive or complex — especially for SMEs. P-Series PBX introduces small and mid-sized businesses to a budget-friendly inbound call center solution that can be tailored to the unique needs of your business.

The call center solution features automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, call recording, a queue panel, a wallboard for monitoring, and report generation.

Improve Your Call Handling Skills through the Operator Panel

The Yeastar P Series PBX features a convenient Operator Panel—a visualized console that receptionists can use to manage incoming calls and distribute them among available and qualified employees. P-series PBX users can control the Operator Panel straight from the web browser.

The Operator Panel provides maximum convenience and efficiency through various advanced controls. Some examples are transfer, pick-up, hang-up, and call monitoring.

Yeastar emphasizes intelligent PBX system design so you can enjoy a smooth, uninterrupted experience. The P-Series also features secure, reliable remote access to protect your business data and interests.

Differentiating the Yeastar P-Series Models

The P Series PBX System has a long list of advanced features that you can utilize to improve your daily operations and both internal and external business communications. However, it is still best to choose between the three Yeastar IP PBX models wisely. Get in touch with us at Kital so we can help you find the best model to suit the needs of your day-to-day operations and your unique business requirements.

Choose the best P Series PBX System for your industry for greater and more efficient return of investment!

Here’s an overview of the available PBX models for SMBs:

yeastar p550


This model is suitable for small businesses. It can accommodate a maximum of 50 users and 35 concurrent calls. It has 8 FXS ports, 8 FXO/BRI ports, and 4 GSM/3G/4G ports.

yeastar p560


This model accommodates 100-200 users and 30-60 concurrent calls. It has 8 FXS ports, 8 FXO/BRI ports, 4 GSM/3G/4G ports, an E1/T1/J1 port, and an expandable D30 module.

yeastar p570


The P570 accommodates 300-500 users and 60-120 concurrent calls. It has 16 FXS ports, 16 FXO/BRI ports, 6 GSM/3G/4G ports, 2 E1/T1/J1 ports, and 2 expandable D30 modules.

girl answering a call in an office

Industries Supported by Yeastar P-Series

The Yeastar P Series Phone System is suitable for all types of small and medium businesses. However, it is particularly useful in the hands of SMBs that have direct customer support lines in place. It is also a good investment for small to medium businesses with an employee base that works remotely.

This small business phone system is typically used by business consultants, legal offices, medical clinics, logistics companies, contractors, and a greater range of businesses that rely on constant communication.

If your SME fits any of these industries, get in touch with us and explore the best Yeastar P Series option for your business!

Secure the Best Yeastar P Series PBX Solution for Your SME from Kital

As trusted Yeastar distributor in the Philippines, we pride ourselves in helping our customers find the best communications solution to suit their industry. Explore the ideal Yeastar P Series PBX solution for your SME business and reap the benefits of boosting your team’s communication and collaboration systems.

Upgrade your business capabilities today and explore the best Yeastar P Series PBX model by getting in touch with our technical team and explore other digital solutions from Kital for optimal business operations!

    Improve Communications and Collaboration at Your SMB

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