Xorcom CloudPhone Mobile Softphone App

Xorcom CloudPhone is a softphone application that comes in both mobile and desktop formats. that complement CompletePBX IP PBX communication systems. It is an executive-grade SIP softphone that doesn’t show your mobile number and instead, creates a secure extension that makes you reachable via your office number on your preferred platform.The softphone app works well with all Xorcom VoIP PBX systems, regardless of your chosen device. Whether on an office phone while you are on the go or from the comfort of your home office laptop, stay on top of your business operations with ease. Talk to a Kital representative for more information.

Take Your Office Anywhere with Xorcom CloudPhone

CloudPhone is a mobile extension of your business that lets you work the way you want to, from anywhere you want to. Download this Xorcom softphone app on your mobile phone or desktop and you can access valuable office work and business contacts wherever you go. It’s a safe and secure solution for remote employees and employees who are often required to travel.

Secure Your Personal and Professional Data from Data Breaches

One of the main highlights of CloudPhone is that it doesn’t show your personal details, such as your mobile number when you make calls using the softphone application on your phone. The CloudPhone app is managed by CompletePBX IP PBX phone communication system so the call flow redirects to your business phone number, making it accessible on both desktop and mobile soi long as you have the app downloaded onto both devices.

If your team is always on the go, or if you’re working with a remote team, consider investing in this executive-grade SIP softphone for company-issue and personal devices. Explore the best tools and discuss the possibilities with a Kital representative.

How Your Business Benefits from CloudPhone

CloudPhone enables business communications through your mobile phone without exposing your personal mobile number. Many businesses are downloading this Xorcom softphone mobile app to establish full mobility of a remote team. The extension can also activate do-not-disturb schedules when you are off duty.

Consider these reasons for using the CloudPhone mobile and desktop applications:

Easy Access to the Office

Traveling businessmen and salespeople have been using CloudPhone for a long time. But it was only in the last year that most organizations realized the convenience of remote work and the importance of equipping their employees with a dependable softphone app on their devices.

Use the mobile extension to answer, transfer, and record business calls to your office number on your preferred device — wherever you are.

Quick and Simple Set Up

Xorcom CloudPhone is fairly simple to set up on both iOS and Android mobile phones, as well as Windows and Mac operating systems for desktop devices. You simply have to activate the CloudPhone CompletePBX Module. Then, install the CloudPhone softphone app on your chosen device.

Set-up takes less than a minute. And once it’s over? Expect full and seamless integrationinto your CompletePBX system.

User Privacy Options

A business extension is convenient when you’re traveling or working from home. But nobody wants it to be ringing at midnight, on holiday, and especially not on weekends. For this reason, CloudPhone features a do-not-disturb schedule to protect your private time. Enjoy the extra privacy afforded by CloudPhone’s use of your dedicated business number over your private number, ensuring the utmost care that your privacy isn’t compromised.

Smooth Communications

CloudPhone doesn’t just make remote work easier. It also streamlines collaboration. It has an organizational chat feature where you can communicate with other employees in real time. It also provides access to your company voicemail.

Additionally, CloudPhone lets you record and transfer calls and create conference calls regardless of your location.


Xorcom’s PBX phone systems also contribute to greater network security and privacy. Confidential lines can’t be accessed by unauthorized personnel. Your everyday operations aren’t at constant risk of a security breach. And more importantly, guests feel secure whenever they make calls in their rooms.

Get Xorcom CloudPhone from Kital

Xorcom CloudPhone promotes full mobility for businesses that use the CompletePBX IP PBX communication system. The extension lets you use your office number on your mobile phone. This isn’t the only reason Kital recommends the Xorcom solution, though. Consider the following reasons, too:

User Friendliness

CloudPhone’s user interface is easy to learn and master on both mobile and desktop iterations.Because of its intuitive layout you and your staff are sure to have no trouble adjusting to it.


The softphone app is designed for dependable communication, wherever you’re working.


Through Kital, Xorcom presents tailored phone systems based on your unique business needs and preferred devices.

Kital is one of the most trusted provides of telecom solutions in the Philippines. Ask us about Xorcom’s universal softphone application and we’ll discuss how your business can maximize its usage.

    Communicate with Your Team, Anytime and Anywhere

    Xorcom CloudPhone makes remote work easier because it lets you access your business number on your mobile phone. Use this softphone mobile app to improve team communication and collaboration. Ask a Kital representative about it today.


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