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Altai Network Management and Services

With their dedication to technological development, Altai has become an industry-trusted provider of WiFi products. Maintaining connections is simpler with Altai’s network management.

network management and services

Uncomplicated Network Management and Services for Different Needs

Altai offers cloud-first network management and services suitable for the needs of small, medium, to large enterprises. These systems provide a secure and cost-effective way to deploy and manage WiFi networks.

The Kital Group is a SEC-registered company providing telecommunications solutions to Philippine businesses. The company brings cutting-edge WiFi technology to the country through Altai.

Why Choose Altai Network Management and Services for Your Business?

Fewer Business Interruptions

Issues with network management systems prevent your employees from accessing applications and other resources, which reduces their productivity. With secure network management, you can ensure that day-to-day operations run smoothly for your business’ and clients’ benefit.

Stronger Network Security

A reliable network management and service provider gives your organization a layer of security against cyber threats. This prevents attackers from accessing and leaking your data, allowing you to protect your clients as well.


Altai offers network management and services suitable for different sizes of businesses. You only need to pay for the range of features you need while also having the option to level up as your business scales up.


Altai provides a secure yet cost-effective way to manage networks. Organizations, regardless of size, can set up network management tools and manage their networks even without an administrator using Altai’s solutions.

Altai’s Network Management Solutions

AltaiCare provides three types of network management and services solutions for various types of organizations.

altai care


This cloud-based network management solution provides a comprehensive, controller-less way for organizations to manage their WiFi networks. This architecture features SSL encryption, location-aware advertising services, and a simple setup.

altai care on-premise

AltaiCare On-Premises

This virtualized version of AltaiCare is specifically designed for small- and medium-sized businesses with 50 or fewer access points. It features a zero-configuration set-up, a web-based configuration interface, smart access features, and a built-in advertising engine.

altai gate


AltaiGate is designed for enterprises up to medium-sized businesses that need secure, flexible, and self-optimized WiFi networks. This is a plug-and-play type of network that can support up to 200 access points.

Protect Your Business with Ease

Protecting your business from cyber threats is easier than ever. Altai’s network management solutions are easy to deploy and manage. Kital’s technical support team guides you through your options and how to manage your WiFi network.

Invest in Your Business’s Security with Altai

Regardless of your business size, protecting your and your clients’ data is of utmost importance. Altai’s network management service accommodates the varying needs of small- and medium-sized businesses.

Contact a Kital Agent today to know which Altai solution is most suitable for your business.


    Kital is an innovative telecom, IP Telephony, and customized solutions provider to small-to-medium-sized businesses and large enterprises in the Philippines.

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