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Xorcom Cloud PBX

Kital presents Xorcom Cloud PBX solutions for optimal communication and collaboration. Optimize your voice and data systems by investing in tried-and-tested solutions. Discover how Xorcom products can be tailored to your business needs.

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Explore All Possibilities in the Cloud

The CompletePBX 5 IP PBX software is the heart of all Xorcom hardware and software telephony systems. It can be installed in any Xorcom phone system appliance. It’s also available as a virtual PBX.

CompletePBX is designed for maximum stability and performance. It’s easy to use when installed on its own. But you can incorporate advanced features and greater security parameters depending on your network’s needs. The PBX remains fully functional while your business grows and develops.

Let Kital help you determine the most suitable platform for Xorcom Cloud PBX solutions:

How Your Business Benefits from Cloud PBX

Xorcom phone systems maintain seamless communication and collaboration for countless businesses, enterprises, government agencies, and non-profit organizations around the world. It offers cloud IP PBX solutions that are trusted by a diverse clientele that ranges from small offices to multi-national corporations.

Consider these reasons for switching to Xorcom Cloud PBX:

Wide Availability

Xorcom’s PBX software is available through softphone mobile apps and IP phones. You can use it on mobile phones, traditional phones, or desktop computers, depending on your daily operations.

The softphone mobile app CloudPhone is available on iOS and Android. It’s an executive-grade SIP softphone that works seamlessly with all Xorcom VoIP PBX phone systems. Meanwhile, Xorcom UC IP phones are designed for robust operations, efficient call management, and excellent sound quality.

Ease of Use

Xorcom is constantly working on end-to-end communications solutions that maximize your team’s productivity and improve your customer service. This is evident in Xorcom’s IP PBX solutions.

Kital recommends Xorcom Cloud PBX to businesses that are dedicated to constant growth and development because of its ease of use. It doesn’t require specialist work; you cut down related expenses. Day-to-day management runs smoothly. Xorcom put a lot of work into the solution so you can use it immediately.

High Security

CompletePBX offers full transparency in the way you use legacy telephony and VoIP solutions. Paired with this in-house transparency, however, is high security at every level.

Xorcom understands that a non-secure telephony system could put your organization at risk of hacking. For this reason, its CompletePBX IP PBX products offer several intricate layers of security that protect your phone system from intruders or hackers. It doesn’t disrupt the way you communicate with your team.


One of the best things about Xorcom PBX software is that you can use it your way. It’s available on virtual and physical. You can use it on your premises or in the cloud. It offers maximum flexibility.

Kital helps you determine whether you need a fully integrated solution or if a virtual machine is what your business needs. Xorcom Cloud PBX solutions are customizable based on your organization’s day-to-day operations; they can be installed on-premise or set up in a data center.

Learn More About Xorcom Products

Xorcom Cloud PBX solutions are designed to enhance your communications without compromising the safety and security of your business. While these IP PBX solutions are available on the cloud, they’re also available for use on your actual premises. They can be tailored based on what your business currently needs.

Kital introduces Xorcom solutions to businesses and enterprises in the Philippines. We assist with the seamless installation or integration of Xorcom IP PBX solutions into your system. Our technical support team is always available to address your concerns and help you find the most suitable solutions. Contact us today.

    Improve Communications through Cloud Solutions

    Discover robust cloud IP PBX solutions that ensure stable and secure communications. Kital helps you get more things done through Xorcom Cloud PBX services. Let’s discuss the next step for your business.


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