Xorcom IP PBX for Call Centers

Maximize the skills and productivity of your staff by investing in Xorcom’s CompletePBX Call Center PBX software solutions. These solutions also improve customer experience without breaking the budget.

Kital helps your organization integrate CompletePBX into your existing telephony system anytime. Get in touch with a representative today.

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Improve Productivity and Customer Experience with CompletePBX

Xorcom CompletePBX Call Center PBX is a dependable phone system for call centers in the Philippines. It features a smart queue management system, interactive voice response (IVR), and real-time call monitoring. It also features advanced reporting tools and robust training capabilities.

This IP PBX call center phone system’s unlimited IVR feature lets you create, edit, and optimize a powerful auto-attendant call system that maximizes your team’s productivity. It contributes to better customer experience, too.

CompletePBX IVRs are quick and easy to set up. Ask a Kital representative about how it addresses your call center’s unique operational concerns.

How Call Centers Benefit from Xorcom CompletePBX

Xorcom CompletePBX is an IP PBX solution specifically for call centers. It lets you manage unlimited queues with maximum flexibility. You can immediately connect callers to the right representatives and deliver optimal customer experience while they’re queuing at your contact center.

Consider how the following features are beneficial for your day-to-day operations.

Smooth Integration with Telephony Interfaces

The Xorcom IP PBX telephony system lets you combine old-school telephony systems and modern communications technology for smooth round-the-clock operations.

As the highlight of Xorcom’s hardware and software solutions, CompletePBX seamlessly integrates traditional ports through Astribank. It also supports modern VoIP solutions.

Extensive Call Center PBX Queue Functions

Get the most out of your call center’s PBX system by investing in Xorcom solutions. Xorcom’s features surpass standard switchboard functions and typical call center features.

Xorcom IP PBX phone systems for call centers include agent log-in capabilities, call monitoring and recording, call queuing, conferencing, private messaging, and hot-desking, to name a few.

These solutions also keep operations organized through wrap-up time and queue priority.

Unified Business Communication Features

There’s more to call center communications than catering to your callers. Xorcom’s IP PBX solutions are designed for unified business communications to boost collaboration.

Xorcom helps your entire organization work better with each other through audio conferencing, call recording, voicemail availability, and fax-to-email and fax-from web capabilities.

Maximum Network Security and Privacy

Considering the nature of call centers, you must remain on high alert for criminals and competitors that try to breach security through calls. Let Xorcom PBX systems enhance security and privacy.

These systems block unauthorized access to your organization’s confidential lines. The encryption and firewalls also protect your organization from fraud, data theft, and other cybercrimes.

Dependable Administrative Functions

Although you should be focusing on a positive experience for each caller, you also have to make sure that internal communications remain smooth-sailing. Xorcom helps you with that.

Xorcom’s IP PBX phone systems streamline administrative communications through secure IP lines. This system also works for remote work locations and connected offices.

Call Center Applications

Choose Xorcom Call Center Solutions from Kital

Xorcom’s call center phone systems are designed for optimal communication and uninterrupted productivity. Kital recommends these solutions for the following reasons:


The user interface and functions are easy to learn and master. Your staff can easily adapt to it.

Dependability and Functionality

Experience no delays with call management tasks by investing in an efficient PBX phone system.

Flexibility and Versatility

Xorcom’s PBX phone systems can adapt to your call center’s unique customer service protocols.

Kital is a renowned provider of telecom solutions in the Philippines. Let us help you set up a Xorcom call center phone system. We can also help you with CompletePBX integration. Talk to a representative today.

    Streamline Communications in Your Call Center

    Kital helps you streamline call center communications through Xorcom PBX phone systems. Talk to one of our representatives to determine the most suitable Xorcom solutions for your day-to-day operations.


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