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Yeastar VoIP GSM Gateway

Establish a stronger, more stable two-way communication with the help of Yeaster VoIP GSM Gateway. It seamlessly connects GSM, WCDMA, and 4G LTE to VoIP networks. It also promises optimal quality and maximum cost reduction. Discover how it helps your business thrive.

Yeastar VoIP GSM Gateway

Improve Communications with Yeastar VoIP GSM Gateway

Yeastar VoIP GSM Gateway makes two-way communication easier. It offers access to GSM voice calls and VoLTE for high-definition voice calls. It also provides stable mobile connectivity for SMBs.

The TG series of VoIP GSM gateway solutions can serve as your OP phone’s SIP registrar. This is especially useful for small offices — it eliminates the need to purchase IP PBX solutions.

The TG series also features GSM trunks for bulk SMS services and for outbound and inbound calls.

The GSM trunks turn fixed-to-mobile audio calls into mobile-to-mobile audio calls, noticeably reducing your operational expenses. Make it your low-cost alternative to landlines when fixed-line communications aren’t available.

How Businesses Benefit from Yeastar VoIP GSM Gateway

Yeastar VoIP GSM Gateway has a wide selection of key features including call back, call status display, call duration limitation, incoming and outgoing routing rules, bulk SMS sending, configure backup and restore, and so much more. It also features web-based configuration.

The appreciation for Yeastar VoIP GSM Gateway goes beyond these features, though. Check out this overview of how your business can benefit from it:

Ease of Use

The VoIP GSM gateway has a simple and intuitive configuration that saves you a lot of time on trying to understand and master.

Mobile Trunking

You can add GSM/WCDMA trunkings so you can increase the number of calls that your business can make toward mobile networks.

Bulk SMS Service

Establish an effective yet low-cost way to manage customer relations and introduce special and limited-time offers by using this tool.

System Interoperability

This Yeastar gateway is interoperable with various softswitch, PBX, and IP PBX solutions including Elastix and Lync Server.

Differentiating the Yeastar VoIP GSM Gateway Models

Yeastar has designed a variety of VoIP GSM gateways to address the varying needs of businesses in the Philippines. Kital has prepared an overview of each TG series model for you. Get in touch with one of our representatives to learn more about these products.

TG100 GSM Gateway Model


This model is a one-port VoIP GSM/CDMA/UMTS gateway that enables stable network connectivity for softswitch and IP PBX phone systems.

TG 200 GSM Gateway model


This model is a VoIP GSM gateway that features two channels. It enables GSM, CDMA, and UMTS network connectivity for IP PBX and softswitch.

TG400 GSM Gateway model


This compact model can easily accommodate four channels. It has no problem connecting GSM, CDMA, and UMTS networks with VoIP phone systems.

TG800 GSM Gateway model


This powerful VoIP GSM gateway features eight channels. It establishes a strong connection between IP-based systems and GSM/CDMA/UMTS networks.

TG1600 GSM Gateway model


Currently the most heavy-duty among the TG series, this model has 16 channels that provide GSM and CDMA network connectivity for IP PBX and softswitch.

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Industries Supported by Yeastar VoIP GSM Gateway

There’s a Yeastar VoIP GSM Gateway product for everyone. The TG Series accommodates the needs of small and mid-sized businesses, as well as large companies that are exploring different types of two-communication channels. These products also cater to businesses from different industries:

  • Corporate (e.g. consultancy businesses, SMBs, enterprises)
  • Education (e.g. academic institutions, research centers)
  • Finance (e.g. banking establishments)
  • Healthcare (e.g. hospitals, clinics)
  • Logistics companies
  • Government offices
  • Legal offices
  • Call centers

Get in touch with a Kital representative today. We’ll gladly walk you through these VoIP GSM gateways and help you determine the most suitable model for your business.

Get Yeastar VoIP GSM Gateway from Kital

Yeastar is a world-renowned provider of VoIP GSM gateway products. It’s also a leading provider of PBX phone systems and unified communications solutions.  It aims for high performance and optimal quality at cost-effective pricing for small and mid-sized companies. Enterprises benefit from its products, too.

Kital is an authorized distributor of Yeastar products and services. Our technical team matches your unique business needs and operations with sophisticated communications solutions. We also provide robust technical support so you can maximize the use of your Yeastar devices and systems.

 Let’s discuss safe, secure, and efficient communications solutions that help your business thrive.

    Streamline Communications through VoIP GSM Gateway

    Kital streamlines business communications through Yeastar VoIP GSM Gateway. The models are easy to use. They’re interoperable. They encourage mobile connectivity throughout your network. And they contribute to better customer relations. Change the way you run your business by trying it out.

    Our technical team is always ready to address your concerns and inquiries about Yeastar products.


    Kital is an innovative telecom, IP Telephony, and customized solutions provider to small-to-medium-sized businesses and large enterprises in the Philippines.

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