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Fanvil X Series Enterprise IP Phone

Get a cost-effective, feature-rich communication solution with the Fanvil X Series Enterprise IP Phones. They feature HD voice quality, high-quality and user-friendly interfaces, and a variety of advanced functions that will boost worker productivity and your company’s overall communication and collaboration capabilities.

Cost-Effective, High Functionality Office Equipment

Equip your enterprise with the Fanvil IP telephony system. The Fanvil X Series IP Phones feature advanced functions that will boost your workers’ productivity and reduce spending on calls.

While IP phones may not differ much visually when compared to regular landline phones, they differ in how they transmit voice data, and this difference produces significant savings for your call expenditure.

IP phones connect directly to the internet, bypassing landline charges entirely. This gives you free internal calls, reduced expenditure on local and international calls, and higher audio quality.

You can make the most of this with the Fanvil X Series IP Phones. In addition to the previously stated benefits, you get:

  • High-quality calls
  • A pleasant user experience
  • Additional functions for increased productivity
Fanvil IP phones

Features and Benefits

High Audiovisual Quality

The X Series feature high-resolution LCD color displays and high voice quality, giving you a pleasant user experience and making communication clear and easy.

Advanced Functions

The Fanvil IP Phones have advanced call features in addition to all of the basic call features, so making and taking calls becomes more convenient. Certain models even have Bluetooth and wireless headset functions.

Improve Productivity

Effective communication means more productivity for your business. Workers will have an easier time communicating with each other and with clients and partners.

Fanvil X Series Specifications

Common features include HD voice quality, high resolution LCD color screen, and 3-way conference, except for the X2, the call center IP phone, which lacks HD voice quality. All models except for the X3S feature PoE.

Fanvil X2

fanvil X2
  • 8 inch 320×240 LCD
  • supports 2 lines

Fanvil X3S/SP/G

fanvil X3S
  • 4 inch 320×240 LCD (X3S)
    2.8 inch 320×240 LCD (X3G)
  • supports 2 lines

Fanvil X4/G

fanvil X4G
  • 8 inch 320×240 LCD
  • second screen: 2.4 inch 320×240 TFT LCD
  • supports 4 lines
  • 30 DSS keys

Fanvil X5S

fanvil X5S
  • 5 inch 480×320 LCD
  • second screen: 64×192 dot-matrix
  • supports 6 lines
  • 40 DSS keys
  • Bluetooth USB dongle

Fanvil X6

Fanvil X6
  • 3 inch 272 LCD
  • second screen: 2.4 inch 320×240 TFT LCD
  • supports 6 lines
  • 60 DSS keys
  • Bluetooth USB dongle
call center

Industries Supported by the Fanvil X Series IP Phones

A diverse range of industries in the Philippines are supported by Fanvil IP phones. Free internal calls and reduced costs for local and international calls are great benefits to any business, but it’s especially useful for those that rely heavily on their telephony system for business operations. Some industries that can make the most use of them are:

  • Call Centers: Unsurprisingly, call centers make and take a lot of calls, so the reduced costs directly affect their profits. The X2 in particular is designed for use in call centers.
  • Hospitality: Hotels greatly reduce communication costs from having free internal calls as they constantly take calls from guests within their building.
  • Travel: In addition to reduced expenditure on calls, travel agencies benefit from the X Series IP Phones’ better audio quality and extra functionality. These are important since they earn based on the quality of experience they give their clients, and a pleasant call could be a determining factor.
  • Education: Academic institutions are spread over wide areas, and they need a convenient, cost-effective way to stay connected.

Discover Fanvil Products Through Kital

Fanvil is an award-winning, leading global provider of telecommunication solutions. Their products include IP phones, IP phone consoles, video and audio intercoms, paging gateways, and more.

They provide businesses with effective means of communication, make it easier for them to serve their clients, and help increase worker productivity through their products.

By choosing Kital, businesses in the Philippines benefit from the Fanvil IP phones as well. We will help you discover effective solutions to your communication needs and help set up or upgrade your telephony system.

As a leading provider of telecommunication products in the Philippines, Kital will help your business thrive with technology that will transform and improve your business’s workflow.


Kital is an innovative telecom, IP Telephony, and customized solutions provider to small-to-medium-sized businesses and large enterprises in the Philippines.

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