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VT Electronics

VBeT Electronics has been challenging itself to engineer better high-tech telecommunications solutions and services for enterprises globally since 2005. With headquarters in China and branches in Europe, America, and Asia Pacific, VBeT powers communication between companies.

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Solutions for Smoother Communications

VBeT Electronics specializes in high-tech headsets that offer reliable and clear communication channels for businesses globally. The company drives the latest telecommunications innovations, elevating the way we communicate.

The Kital Group is a SEC-registered company that provides VT Electronics products and solutions to Philippine businesses. Kital provides reliable, cost-effective communications solutions.

Discover VBeT Electronics’s Products

VT Electronics offers innovative headsets and speakers to fit the different needs of your business. Find the right model for your needs.

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VT 8200

This headset is designed for maximum productivity. It is built with ENC technology, integrated busy light, a comfortable liquid silicone headband, and easy control unit. This easy-to-use model is compatible with various apps and platforms like MS Teams and Avaya.

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This is a Bluetooth headset that’s designed to help with concentration in a bustling office. It offers flexibility as it can connect to two devices simultaneously. This model also features ENC technology for clearer audio during calls.

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This headset features noise canceling and hearing protection technology for solid communication. VT headsets are designed for regular office and call center use, so they are guaranteed to last longer and are easy to use.



This high-tech model with a sleek design can be used for remote call control with MS Teams. This headset offers crystal-clear communication through a high-tech microphone with AI noise-canceling technology.

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Get consistent high-quality sound with dynamic equalization technology in this flexible Bluetooth headset. Connect two devices at a time and move up to 30m away from your device with this high-tech headset.

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This VT speaker makes conference calls more convenient with in-room coverage for up to six people. This portable speakerphone features ENC technology and a two-meter voice pickup range for clearer calls.

Why do You Need VBeT Electronics Headsets and Speakers?

Better Sound Quality

VT Electronics integrates the latest technology in engineering high-tech headsets to let you hear and speak more clearly. These offer clearer communication channels through environmental noise cancelation technology (ENC) and dynamic EQ.

Clearer Communication

Communicating is easier with a reliable headset and speaker. Our technology addresses different challenges to delivering clear sounds so your employees can understand clients and partners clearly and vice versa.

Improved Concentration

Our headsets filter unnecessary noise from the environment, so employees don’t need to. High-quality ENC or AI noise cancelation technology lets employees focus on the task at hand, free from various distractions.

Boost Productivity

VBeT Electronics offers dynamic, high-tech headsets that let employees communicate smoothly and move around as needed. In addition to noise-canceling technology, our headsets are easy to set up and control.

Build Stronger Relationships

Headsets can help your team build stronger relationships with partners and customers with crystal-clear communications. Hear the other speaker’s voice clearly and be heard just as well. With reliable headsets, you can avoid miscommunication.

Excellent ROI

A well-engineered headset and speaker are an investment for your business that’s bound to bring excellent returns. High-quality headsets are more cost-effective and can help improve productivity and quality of work.

Uncomplicated and Smooth Communications

Transform your business operations with smooth and clear communication with VT Electronics. Let Kital’s technical support team guide you through a wide range of headsets and speakers to find the best fit for your requirements.

Get Your Message Across with Reliable Telecommunications Solutions

In the digital world, headsets are a powerful communication tool that can be the key to your organization’s success. VBeT Electronics Co., Ltd., can help your organization communicate and operate with ease. When messages are communicated and received clearly and smoothly, it’s easier to work toward one goal.


    Kital is an innovative telecom, IP Telephony, and customized solutions provider to small-to-medium-sized businesses and large enterprises in the Philippines.

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