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The Xorcom Swift inspires businesses to think big.

This cost-efficient IP-PBX streamlines your calls and data recording. The Xorcom Swift is ideal for any business: small/home, on-site offices, SMBs, and enterprises.

xorcom swift

Innovate with Ease with Xorcom Swift IP-PBX

This Xorcom IP-PBX encourages business to think big thanks to its ability to efficiently scale your services. Whether you’re a team of 20 or a company of 20,000, the Xorcom Swift compact IP-PBX system provides you with the same unparalleled service.

By investing in the Xorcom Swift IP-PBX, you get a telephony system that:

xorcom swift

Explore Limitless Possibilities with the Xorcom Swift Compact IP-PBX System

The Xorcom Swift IP-PBX system is Xorcom’s smallest and most impressive IP-PBX system. While it’s built to be a fraction of the size, it outrivals its predecessors in its power.

How Your Business Benefits from the Xorcom Swift IP-PBX System

The Swift Compact IP-PBX System is the latest offering in Xorcom’s cloudphone technology. It features Xorcom’s ComplexPBX distribution, supports VoIP extensions and trunks, and Astribank telephony interfaces and IP gateways.

Do more with the Xorcom Swift. Get flexible solutions for your thanks to:

Minimal Operational Disruptions

The Xorcom Swift series is made for easy installation and maintenance. You can easily set up the phone system without significant disruption of everyday operations. It also comes with a built-in package manager for easier updating.

Reduced Communication Costs

IP-PBX solutions such as the Xorcom Swift series have a diverse range of features, including the Unlimited voicemail boxes, hunt groups, call center groups, and auto attendants, remote extensions, call queues, and conference groups for your calls.

Scalable Telephony Systems

Flexibility has always been one of Xorcom’s greatest features. You can get started with a conservative IP-PBX system and gradually increase scalability as your business grows. With the Xorcom Swift, installing more lines to your system is a breeze.

Enhance Security and Data Protection

Ensuring your business’ data stays secure is more important than ever. The Xorcom Swift comes with a Sophisticated Classes of Service for enhanced security as well as improved admission permission control to keep your data private.

xorcom swift

Industries Supported by the Xorcom Swift IP-PBX

The Xorcom Swift provides more than just IP-PBX solutions for BPOs. Thanks to its carefully crafted system, users can make up to 200 concurrent calls. Its tailor-made phone system solutions support many industries:

  • Corporate: Consultants, businesses, and multi-site enterprises
  • Education: Schools, libraries, and other academic institutions
  • Hospitality: Hotels and shared workspaces
  • Financial: High-security banking and retail establishments
  • Government: High-security government and legal offices
  • Healthcare: Clinics, hospitals, and emergency hotlines
  • Industrial: Manufacturing plants, and factories
  • Operators: Telcos, carriers, and phone operators
  • Others: Contractors, developers, and logistics companies

Choose Xorcom Solutions from Kital

Kital Philippines stays on top of the latest cloudphone technology and innovations. By making Xorcom’s latest designs available to local business, Kital is altering the landscape of IP-PBX systems in the country.

The Xorcom’s powerhouse Swift system is capable of handling more work while using less space, benefiting a multitude of industries.

No matter the size and nature of your business, Xorcom ensures it can deliver the functionalities you need to boost productivity and communication.

As the leading provider of telecom solutions in the Philippines, Kital readily helps you set up a Xorcom Swift phone system or upgrade your existing IP-PBX infrastructure. Our team empowers your business, whether it’s an SMB or an enterprise, by helping you find the solution you need the most.


    Kital is an innovative telecom, IP Telephony, and customized solutions provider to small-to-medium-sized businesses and large enterprises in the Philippines.

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