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Level Up Business Operations with Ribbon Communications

For businesses kept afloat by their online communication and assets in the Cloud, no investment is more important than your cybersecurity. Uniting the expertise and capability of three of the world’s market leaders in Cloud technology, Ribbon Communications offers state-of the-art protection through its Intelligent Edge technology. Stay on top of your remote and unified communications, business operations, and Cloud security by availing of an all-in-one solution for optimal administrative and employee performance. Invest in an SBC (Session Border Controller) from Ribbon Communications.

Optimize Enterprise-Level Communications with SIP and PBX functionalities

When it comes to unified communication, you can never be too careful. Preventing data breaches is equally as important as ensuring smooth communications, so safeguard your IP correspondence against cyberattacks from both hackers and competitors by acquiring a secure and exclusive platform for your corporate use. Coordinate both internal and external comms seamlessly among your team and between your company and your clients without having to worry that your confidential data can be seized and used against you.

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Prevent Financial Losses and Operation Disruptions with SBC from Ribbon Communications

A cutting-edge VoIP system is built into all SBC products from Ribbon Communications—with each VoIP platform equipped with a dedicated firewall to safeguard any information that you and your clients exchange during operations. Ransomware attacks have risen to a staggering 304 million occurrences globally, as reported by Statista last 2020. The Philippines alone has lost a whopping forty million pesos in the year 2020, with ransomware attacks in the country rising by 12%. With the country rating below the global average in terms of overall preparedness against cyberattacks, it is clear that cyber criminals have taken a special interest in the country’s vulnerability. Protect yourself from DDoS attacks, toll fraud, ransomware attacks and many more and lower the risk of potentially losing foreign clients and investments, as well as domestic deals by taking the necessary precautions.

Why Should I Get an SBC (Session Border Controller) for my Business?

Improved Security

Because of its well-known vulnerability to cybercrime and ransomware attacks, the average firm in the Philippines is always at an increased risk against a data breach. On top of this, you can also protect your firm’s reputation in the event of any major mass breach.

Streamlined Communications

Utilize the VoIP and remote communication functionalities of an SBC by safely coordinating through a Cloud-based platform. Reach colleagues and clients alike with crisp and reliable communication, wherever they may be based at the moment and take control of your client experience through a system that reroutes external calls to an available agent for shorter waiting times and more manageable caller cues.

Intuitive Analytics

Constantly improve operations using your SBC software’s analytics features. With its complex machine learning and progress analysis, Ribbon Communications can supply you with an SBC that tracks and studies performance data in real time in order to target pain points and reduce service disruptions during future operations.

Cloud-Based Operations

Improve the survivability and service assurance by securing SBC tools from Ribbon Communications! Cloud-based operations break the limits of conventional work, allowing you to accomplish your tasks and access potential new revenue streams that may not have been possible with conventional communication.

Key Features

Arm your team with Ribbon Communications’ Edgemarc Intelligent Edge Solutions and utilize the following features for smooth operations and excellent customer service.

Auto Detection

Catch problems as they happen and troubleshoot instantly to avoid bad customer experiences and prevent potential losses through Zero Touch Provisioning and Flexible Configuration.

Service Provisioning

Safeguard your comms from all possible attacks, regardless of the source. With its service provisioning functionalities, Ribbon Communications’ SBC can run application security and Service Quality Management.

Status Streaming

Keep an eye on Device Statistics and Service Quality Metrics from a dedicated Service Control Center! Detect a dip in device performance or service quality from jitter or packet loss at a glance and deal with these as soon as possible to preserve the customer experience.


Easily integrate into existing systems that supplement the functionalities of your SBC for smooth operations and system compatibility.

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Invest in Your Business for its Improved Performance and Better Survivability with Ribbon Communications’ Session Border Controller!

Every businessowner wants their venture to succeed. But with competition in every market as tough as it is, it is important to set yourself apart. Choose to thrive, not survive by arming your firm with an all-in-one Cloud Solution that streamlines communications, improves the client experience, and protects the assets that you host in your Cloud.

Contact a Kital Agent today and get in touch with us to know more about our SBC solutions from Ribbon Communications!


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