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Secure an omnichannel messaging platform
for your business needs!

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Reach Your Customers Anytime, Anywhere with an Omnichannel Communication Platform

The Glassix Omnichannel Communication Platform is a flexible messaging platform that allows businesses and organizations to instantly connect and communicate with their customers to provide instant and excellent service across their clientele’s preferred platforms.

Securing our omnichannel communication platform for your customer correspondence provides your business with the opportunity to provide the optimal customer experience—by shortening response waiting time, AI-based responses for FAQs, and a medium for meaningful customer communication that can lead to better business practices in the future.

Streamline Your Business with an Omnichannel Contact Center Software

The Glassix omnichannel communication platform provides businesses with a revolutionary and intelligent way to connect with their customers for better improvement opportunities and meaningful customer service. Running an omnichannel customer service software to streamline client correspondence generates a number of benefits for the business.

The Optimal Customer Experience

By creating an avenue for meaningful communication, customers can receive the highest caliber of service and efficiency. Not only can their concerns be addressed instantly, but clientele need not go out of their way to get in touch with your business to send their queries. Troubleshoot and address concerns over a convenient messaging software that includes the creation of a dedicated Whatsapp Business API.

Seamless CRM and ERP System Integration

Are your customers not too fond of messaging? Not to worry. With the omnichannel customer service software, the Glassix system can connect to a number of enterprise core systems like SysAid, Salesforce, and CRM Dynamics. Glassix can also route calls through CC systems like Aspire, Calltech, and other telephony systems that will let you handle customer queries with ease.

AI-Based Message Bots and Automated Response Flow

Field FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) in a flash by crafting AI-Based Message Bots and following a prescribed automated response flow to address customer concerns as swiftly and efficiently as possible. Apply machine learning wisely with a built-in updated knowledge base management function and use the Glassix omnichannel customer service software to deal with frequent inquiries as soon as possible!

Make the Most of Your Omnichannel Software Solutions

With a number of dedicated and useful features under its belt, the Glassix omnichannel customer service software is an amazing multitasking tool to add to your business’ arsenal. Invest in delivering better customer satisfaction through this omnichannel contact center software and experience the following benefits:

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Representative Interface

Equip your sales and customer service representatives with a dedicated interface that they can use when servicing a client.

Secure Operations

Operate your omnichannel contact center software with peace of mind knowing that your system is equipped with a digital signature and a secured system for correspondence.

Real Time Video Calling

Troubleshoot and correspond with customers who may need to show visuals to illustrate their concerns in real time with an integrated video calling system.

Easy Software Management

With no server installation required, you can take charge of this omnichannel customer service software instantly. Tailor the software to your needs with its management interface and a developer-friendly API provision that allows easy integration.

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Optimize the Customer Experience with Excellent Communication

The Glassix omnichannel messaging platform is an excellent tool for crafting the ideal customer experience that you want for your clientele. Utilize its built in AI flow responses, Instant Messaging, WeChat APIs, and flexible system integrations for the best in sales and customer care.

Partner with Kital and secure one of the best customer care solutions with the Glassix Omnichannel Messaging Platform!


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