Xorcom IP PBX for Hotels

Good customer service always depends on communication. Make sure your hotel guests enjoy a satisfactory experience during their stay by investing in Xorcom’s IP PBX solutions for hotels.

Kital helps you integrate Xorcom Hotel PBX Phone System into your existing telephony system to streamline communication with your guests and among your staff. Talk to a representative today.

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Improve Customer Service with Xorcom Hotel PBX Phone System

Xorcom features Micros Oracle-certified hotel PBX phone systems that aim for maximum efficiency. They use the Complete Concierge PMS interface to streamline check-in and check-out activities, manage wake-up calls, and update room and minibar status, among other hospitality-related tasks.

Xorcom’s award-winning OP PBX solutions for hospitality are compatible with most property management systems. They’re easily available for on-premise integration or cloud installation.

Kital representatives understand the need for clear, uninterrupted phone communication in the hospitality industry. So, we bring Xorcom solutions to you. Contact us today for inquiries about Xorcom Hotel PBX, Cloudphone for iOS and Android, and IP phone provisioning.

How Hotels Benefit from Xorcom Hotel PBX

Xorcom hotel phone systems are an excellent choice for hotels and concierge services. These systems can easily juggle multiple analog extensions alongside VoIP extensions and trunks. At the same time, they maintain accurate and transparent system management.

Consider the various ways your hospitality business can benefit from Xorcom solutions.

Automatic Activation at Check-In and Check-Out

Xorcom Hotel PBX and the property management system remain synchronized through the Complete-Concierge PMS interface. It transfers information between the two systems so every time a guest checks in, the PBX automatically activates their room’s extension for calls and voicemail services.

The Complete-Concierge PMS interface does the opposite when guests check out. Their phone extension automatically loses call permissions; the voicemail inbox will be wiped out; and the caller ID and phone language will go back to the default settings.

Real-Time Reporting of Room and Minibar Status

The Complete-Concierge PMS interface speeds up the way your staff reports about room status and minibar features. The staff simply reports via the room’s phone extension so the front desk can prepare real-time status updates about each occupied room in the hotel.

Easy Set-Up of Wakeup Calls and DND Status

Hotel guests will have a more pleasant stay when they can easily set up their wakeup calls and update the Do Not Disturb status in their respective rooms. The Complete-Concierge PMS interface allows guests and the front desk to set up these commands immediately.

Xorcom’s PBX phone systems also contribute to greater network security and privacy. Confidential lines can’t be accessed by unauthorized personnel. Your everyday operations aren’t at constant risk of a security breach. And more importantly, guests feel secure whenever they make calls in their rooms.

Choose Xorcom Hotel PBX Solutions from Kital

Xorcom’s hotel PBX phone systems contribute to optimal guest experience and staff communication. Kital recommends these IP PBX solutions for hotels and concierge services for various reasons:

User-Friendly Interface

The user interface is easy to learn. Guests wouldn’t have difficulty with the phone functions.

Dependable Phone System

Xorcom phone systems are built for the consistently heavy demands of the hospitality industry.

Flexible PBX Solutions

Xorcom Hotel PBX solutions can be tailored to your unique operations and communications.

As an established provider of telecom solutions in the Philippines, Kital readily helps you transition to better communication systems. Let us walk you through Xorcom Hotel PBX solutions and how they contribute to better guest services and internal communications at your hotel.

Get in touch with a Kital representative today.

    Improve the Hotel Guest Experience

    Communication is the key to success for all industries, especially hospitality. Guests who feel heard and catered to are more likely to leave positive reviews about your hotel. Talk to a Kital representative for inquiries about Xorcom Hotel PBX.


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