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Ribbon SBC 5400 and Ribbon SBC 7000

The Ribbon SBC 5400 and 7000 are high-performance networking devices, offering robust session management, scalability, and enhanced security for seamless communication experiences in modern networks.

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Advanced Session Management with Ribbon Session Border Controllers

From the makers of the Ribbon EdgeMarc Series comes the SBC 5400 and 7000. These cutting-edge networking devices offer high-performance session management, scalability, and enhanced security for seamless communication experiences in modern networks. Elevate your communication infrastructure today.

How Your Business Benefits from the Ribbon SBC 5400 & SBC 7000

Enhanced Session Management

The Ribbon Session Border Controller 5400 and 7000 provide advanced session management capabilities, ensuring efficient session initiation and termination in real-time communication networks. This enables seamless communication experiences for users.

Scalability and Flexibility

Both offer scalability and flexibility, allowing for easy expansion and integration with existing communication systems. They can accommodate growing network demands and adapt to evolving communication environments.

Advanced Security

With comprehensive security features, they provide robust protection against threats and unauthorized access. They incorporate advanced encryption protocols, firewall capabilities, and security intelligence, ensuring the security and integrity of communication networks.

Meet the Ribbon SBC 5400

The SBC 5400 is an advanced networking device designed for efficient session management in real-time communication networks. With its robust features, scalability, and enhanced security, it offers reliable and seamless communication experiences, empowering modern networks with optimal performance.

Key Features of Ribbon SBC 5400

High-Performance Session Management

It excels in session management, facilitating efficient initiation and termination of sessions in real-time communication networks. It ensures seamless communication experiences with optimal performance.

Scalability and Flexibility

With its scalable design, it offers flexibility for easy integration and expansion in existing communication systems. It can adapt to evolving network requirements and handle increased traffic loads effectively.

Advanced Security Measures

This SBC incorporates advanced security features to safeguard communication networks. It includes encryption protocols, firewall capabilities, and security intelligence, ensuring comprehensive protection against threats and unauthorized access.

ribbon sbc 5400
ribbon sbc 7000

Meet the Ribbon SBC 7000

It is a powerful session border controller designed for secure and seamless communication networks. With advanced features like traffic management, encryption, and protocol normalization, it ensures reliable voice and data transmission while protecting against security threats.

Key Features of Ribbon SBC 7000

Advanced Security

The SBC 7000 provides robust security measures, including encryption, authentication, and access control, to safeguard communication networks against unauthorized access and potential threats.

Traffic Management

It offers intelligent traffic management capabilities, allowing for efficient utilization of network resources, quality of service (QoS) optimization, and bandwidth allocation for improved overall performance.

Protocol Normalization

With its protocol normalization feature, this SBC enables seamless interoperability between different communication protocols, ensuring smooth communication across diverse networks and devices.

Scale with Ease

The SBC 5400 and 7000 offer unmatched scalability, allowing your communication network to grow effortlessly with your business. These SBCs can seamlessly handle a high volume of concurrent sessions, ensuring uninterrupted and reliable communication for organizations of all sizes.

Choose the Ribbon SBC 5400 or SBC 7000 from Kital

Incorporating advanced security, intelligent traffic management, and seamless interoperability, the Ribbon SBCs are the epitome of reliable and scalable communication solutions. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your network infrastructure.

Visit Kital today and discover the transformative power of SBCs for your business. Upgrade to the future of communication. Talk to a Kital representative today!


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