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TalariaX sendQuick: Messaging Service



TalariaX’s sendQuick offers an all-in-one messaging platform for all your enterprise mobility needs.

It gives your team a simplified and more efficient communications system that will boost overall responsiveness, reduce workflow bottlenecks, and improve customer experience.

SMS messaging service for your business

SMS text messaging is a cost-effective and efficient way to communicate, whether it’s making an important announcement to your staff, or contacting your customers for feedback.

With the help of an SMS messaging software for businesses, you can communicate between your employees, customers and business partners more efficiently.

  • For your customers: Offers them an easy way to request for assistance, send back feedback, and keep updated with your latest promotions and campaigns
  • For your service staff: Enables them to receive and respond to job alerts faster, and provide better service to your customers
  • For the management: Gives them a central messaging system that reaches all departments

What industries can benefit from enterprise-grade text messaging solutions?

  • Retail services
  • Healthcare (hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and clinics, fitness centers)
  • Hospitality (hotels and travel agencies)
  • Education (private and public schools)
  • Food & Beverage (restaurants and bars)
  • Service & Support (maintenance & technical support companies)
  • Courier & Delivery
  • IT support services
Manila Overview

Why is SMS messaging an effective marketing tool?

Four out of 10 Filipinos check their mobile phones every hour, from the time they wake up to just before they go to sleep. And according to Gartner, SMS’ open rates can be as high as 98 percent, compared to emails, which is only 20 percent.

What does this mean?

SMS messaging is an invaluable communication method to reach your consumers, so it makes sense to take advantage of it for your marketing efforts.

With SendQuick, you can send an average of six to eight messages per modem per minute, giving you the power to reach out to a vast market easily.

Why is SMS messaging an effective vehicle for customer support?

SMS customer service messages are incredibly convenient for your staff and your customers. First, it requires what the majority of consumers already have — a smartphone.

Second, It’s a very time-efficient model for offering your customers with the support they need before, during and after the buying process.

Third, your message can reach your customers faster when you send it through SMS. The Economist said that SMS messages are read within 20 minutes on average, compared to emails that can take 48 hours upon delivery.

man communicating with clients

How can your business benefit from sendQuick?

A business-friendly solution

SendQuick offers a two-way communication system that allows for a better interaction between you and your customers.

The platform sends messages with high open rates, which you can take advantage of in your customer service efforts, as well as in your new sales and marketing activities.

Retain business cost-competitiveness

With SendQuick, you can automate the delivery of alerts, so you can focus on higher-value business engagements.

This reduces your total cost of ownership (TCO) and capital expenditure as it improves your workplace’s productivity and effectiveness.

Improve customer confidence

SendQuick reduces risk exposure and ensures customer confidentiality. This platform doesn’t rely on the internet to send messages, minimizing the threat of cyber attacks and threats.

Quick integration

When you switch to SendQuick, you’ll enjoy a sweat-free transition. It easily integrates with your present customer relationship management (CRM) systems. This way, you ensure little to no disruption to customer service.

General FAQs

Although many of us have smartphones, not everybody does. Also, not all apps are available for every type of mobile device, and we may have to pay for some apps.

SMS technology is generally safer than internet-dependent communication platforms. SendQuick operates independently from the internet. It can also be integrated with your preferred enterprise application, or can be used as a standalone solution to enable a two-way messaging more effectively and more securely.

According to The Economist, it can take up to 40 hours for an email to be read, while it only takes 20 minutes for an average SMS message to be read. From a business and/or technical perspective, using SMSes to enable remedial actions could mean time-critical advantage.

SendQuick can send an average of six to eight messages per modem per minute. Increasing the number of modems will improve the message delivery capability of the system.

Arm your business with a feature-rich SMS messaging system

Every business needs solid communication to be effective. That’s why you need to put premium on your communications systems.

With sendQuick’s text messaging service for businesses, you’ll improve your responsiveness, therefore reducing workflow bottlenecks and improving customer experience.

Contact Kital today to know more about the sendQuick. We are trusted distributors of sendQuick solutions to businesses across Metro Manila and the Philippines.

When you partner with us, we’ll equip you with the tools that will suit the requirements of your business.


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