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Wireless, real-time connectivity continues to transform businesses. The integration of voice, fax, SMS, data, security, and multimedia features to IP networks has unified employees and offices across the globe.

Kital empowers clients in the Philippines with optimized, versatile, and cost-efficient telecom solutions. Enabling our comprehensive data and voice solutions are three powerful technologies, namely XorcomYeastar, and Open Vox. We’ll customize these systems to suit your connectivity needs while providing the affordability and versatility you require to grow.

xorcom new model phones

Secure Xorcom’s robust and reliable IP-PBX phone systems for your company through Kital. As a trusted vendor, we deliver cost-effective and high-tech connectivity solutions suitable for small and large businesses in Metro Manila and the rest of the Philippines. Xorcom is one of the brands we proudly carry. With its range of IP phones, Linux- and Asterisk-based channel banks, and software, Xorcom can provide for telephony needs of hotels, call centers, and other business types.

gsm gateway

Kital is an authorized distributor of Yeastar solutions, providing businesses in the Philippines with secure, efficient communications solutions. If you’re deciding which model your business needs, our technical team will help you determine the right unit. We provide robust technical support to help you get the most of your Yeastar devices. Kital has a seamless procurement process that enables you to make use of Yeastar technologies right away.


OpenVox is a leading global provider of compact, expandable gateways that deliver robust VoIP and IP-PBX communications. At Kital, we use OpenVox GSM gateways to enable secure and spotless data storing and sharing across multiple GSM channels. It’s capable of interconnecting a wide selection of hardware, which translates to reduced telecom expenses on your end.

You’ll enjoy better quality calls, mobile and remote access, and lower F2M costs.

Kital will deploy a VoIP gateway that fits your IP telephony environment and supports all your voice applications. With OpenVox, you can implement and optimize a unified communications system that’s compatible with all VoIP protocols.

Communications and Collaboration Systems that Power Your Business

Discover robust VoIP, hybrid PBX/PABX, unified communications, and structured cabling solutions that empower your business. Let Kital help you get more done. Get in touch with us today.


Kital is an innovative telecom, IP Telephony, and customized solutions provider to small-to-medium-sized businesses and large enterprises in the Philippines.

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