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TalariaX IT System Availability Monitoring Solutions


TalariaX’s system availability monitoring actively checks the availability of your servers, networks, infrastructure platforms and different devices, making sure they’re up and running 24/7.

It sends SMS texts to alert you of potential system disruptions and downtimes to always keep you one step ahead.

System downtimes cost PH businesses $8 billion annually

According to the EMC Global Data Protection Index, IT-related downtimes cost businesses in the Philippines more than $8 billion annually. The study said that only 6 percent of businesses have data protection and recovery plans in place to counter potential downtimes.

The study also showed that local companies that had not deployed an effective strategy were almost thrice as likely to suffer from data loss than those that have a strategy in place.

Questions before purchasing an IT system monitoring platform

To help you determine if your organization needs an IT system monitoring tool, we’ve prepared a short checklist for you:

  • Are you spending too many resources on managing your IT network?
  • Do you want a consolidated view of the availability of your systems and applications?
  • Are you seeking a simpler, better-integrated all-in-one monitoring system?

If your answer to these questions is “Yes,” then you’ll likely need an IT system monitoring platform.

Man Using Jabra PRO 920

Actively monitors your IT systems with a simple system

Unplanned disruptions and downtimes in your system can leave a serious impact on your revenue and reputation.

With multiple platforms to monitor, it’s crucial to ensure the continuous uptime of your mission-critical applications.

With TalariaX’s sendQuick Avera, you’ll enjoy an all-in-one integrated monitoring system that manages your IT network from one central device.

This helps simplify your current system availability management and enhance your IT operations.

Quickly alerts your staff to reduce downtime

The sendQuick Avera will alert your assigned personnel of critical network events, like disruptions and slowdowns.

This enables your support personnel to respond quickly to mitigate the problems.

This technology also allows your operators to check the status of your servers and trigger their restart or shutdown remotely to address issues faster without the need to be on-site.

Database Server

SMS to get messages delivered and read, fast

SMS is a quicker and more efficient way of alerting your staff of network issues.

Critical information can be buried under other emails. Whereas 90 percent of recipients read an SMS message within minutes of delivery.

When urgent, actionable alerts are delivered instantly to your IT team, you ensure a faster turnaround time.

This is why it’s important for you to invest in a system availability monitoring platform that capitalizes on  the speed and efficiency of SMS messaging.

Key features

TalariaX’s sendQuick Avera gives you all the essential features of a great systems availability software.

  • Ensures your system and applications are up-and-running with the following checks: Windows WMI (process and service) check; TCP, ICMP and URL check; RAM, CPU and hard disk check;
  • Network monitor (Ping) with SMS feature to ensure server availability
  • Filters rules for Syslog, SNMP Traps and Email (SMTP) with multi-level escalation and report
  • On demand scanning for a snapshot of systems availability
  • On demand SMS to check server status and trigger shutdown or restart of services
  • Instant alerts sent via SMS to shorten response time

What makes this software better than its competitors is that it comes with IT Alert and SMS broadcast to further enhance your IT processes.

“IT Alert”

The “IT Alert” is a prominent feature in all TalariaX sendQuick product models, which each one customized to your requirements.

This feature will send you regular and detailed IT alerts and notifications on your mobile device.

SMS Broadcast

The SMS Broadcast feature is used to deliver a single message to multiple recipients at one time.

This helps whenever you want to alert an entire IT department of potential disruptions and slowdowns. This way, everybody in the team gets the message, allowing for issues to be escalated quickly.

Reduce network downtime with system availability monitoring

If you’re after raising the bottom line, don’t let unplanned disruptions and downtimes delay your operations.

When you partner with Kital, we’ll equip your office with a cutting-edge system availability monitoring platform from TalariaX. We distribute TalariaX products to businesses in Metro Manila and the Philippines.

With a feature-rich and reliable monitoring system, you’ll enjoy more seamless operations and leave your staff and clients more satisfied than ever.

When you need your IT Systems to be flawless and seamless, you’ll want to explore TalariaX.


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