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Cybersecurity Services for Small
and Medium Businesses (SMBs)

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Many would say that only big companies need to be concerned with cybersecurity, but the fact is, small and medium businesses (SMBs) are common targets of hackers, too.

More than half of the businesses in the Philippines have experienced a cybersecurity incident. WIth the world becoming more digitally advanced, cybersecurity must become a top priority for SMBs as much as it is for large enterprises.

We at Kital offer efficient cybersecurity solutions, aiming to meet the cybersecurity needs of SMBs in Metro Manila and the rest of the Philippines.

Now is the right time for you to discover what cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions can do.

Effects of cybersecurity breaches on SMBs

Security Using Desktop

Many hackers prey on SMB owners’ limited knowledge of online security, making them easy targets of cyber attacks. To repel unwanted breaches, you’ll need innovative cybersecurity services for your small business.

Once their websites get hacked, it can lead to significant financial losses.

In GoDaddy’s Small Business Website Security Report, it was revealed that one in eight businesses in the US reported losses of higher than $5,000 due to cybersecurity breaches.

Companies like Google and Norton can flag a website as dangerous once they detect that it’s been compromised. This action can negatively affect a website’s traffic that can eventually make it invisible online.

Security On Net

Now, can you imagine Google stripping away your website?

Google blacklists more than 10,000 websites per day, and getting off that blacklist is never easy. First, you will have to completely remove the malware from your site. Then once the site is clean, you can submit a report to Google.

Once you’ve submitted the report, all you can do is wait.

In some cases, it may take as long as a month for Google to remove your website on its blacklist.

Pentera Cloud Storage

Most common cybersecurity breaches

Included in the most common cyber attacks suffered by SMBs worldwide are phishing (57%), hacked or stolen devices (33%) and credential theft (30%).

Given these risks, a number of experts are still saying that many SMBs are still not doing enough to curb the problem.

According to research commissioned by Microsoft, a significant number of businesses in the Philippines have experienced a cybersecurity incident as a result of not having proper data breach assessment measures. Without the right strategy in place, the same can happen to your company.

Discover the Pentera difference today

The last thing you’d want is for your website to be taken down and leave customers hanging. A highly advanced online security system will ensure your website is safe from malicious viruses or malware.

We carry the Pentera system which is a robust cybersecurity software that’s been protecting thousands of businesses worldwide against cybersecurity threats.

This top-of-the-line system enables businesses to continuously validate their security defenses against the nastiest cyber attacks.

Pentera will change the way organizations perform vulnerability management. This system looks at issues from a hacker’s perspective. It will think, and act, like a hacker.

It uses penetration testing (‘pen-testing’), which tests a computer system or network to find security vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit.

    A hacker’s perspective

    New Pentera Logo

    In the same Microsoft study, it was found that traditional cyber protection systems have slowly become ineffective, making hacking more easy. More Philippine companies now face a risk of financial loss and damage to customer and market reputation.

    Now, how has Pentera reinvented cyber security to overcome this challenge?

    This software is truly exceptional given how its developers came with the way of addressing cyber attacks – thinking like they’re hackers themselves.

    As hackers become more sophisticated, online security officers saw the need to integrate the hackers’ perspective or mindset into their cyber defense strategies.

    They did this in the form of pen-tests. The whole idea of pen-testing may seem a little strange when you think about it.

    This way, you’re essentially paying a hacker or a systems engineer to break into your systems any way possible.

    Security Laptop

    The system mimics the actions of a potential hacker by exploiting the weak points caused by coding mistakes, system bugs, unsecure settings or configuration errors.

    Pentera is able to deliver the power of 1,000 pen-testers in its system, eliminating the need to hire pen-testing firms to conduct costly and intrusive pen-test exercises.

    With Pentera, after automatically scanning an organization’s network, it will generate a report that will illustrate the “attack story” from the hacker’s perspective.

    It will then point to the security practices that will require improvement.

    Online Security

    Why choose Pentera?

    The most surefire way to measure your security level is by studying how it can be hacked.

    Pentera applies a hacker’s perspective in identifying, analyzing and prioritizing the remediation of your business’s cyber defense vulnerabilities. Using only the latest hacking technologies, the system will ethically penetrate your network.

    Small Business

    You can never go wrong with Pentera’s key features:

    • Automation – You’ll only need to press ‘Play’ to get the pen-testing going. You can be busy with your business while letting the software do the work.
    • Business disruption alerts – Businesses will be alerted as soon as vulnerabilities are traced. Pentera will come up with remedies to defend against scenarios like hacking.
    • Multi-vector attacks – The system can supersede a human’s pen-testing capacity a thousand times over, validating large networks simultaneously.
    • Exploitation checkpoints – This validates the defenses against the most advanced cyberattacks. The system will perform real exploits without the disruption of service.

    With this software, your company can maintain the highest possible online security resilience by performing pen-tests as frequently as possible – whether daily, weekly or monthly.

    Also, you won’t need multiple software to ensure all bases are covered. The system will also look at vulnerability assessment, security controls, credential strength validation, network equipment testing and privileged audits.

    PCYSYS Penetration System

    We at Kital partner with different industries and arm them with advanced Pentera systems. Industries that can benefit from this cutting-edge cybersecurity tool include:

    • Banks
    • Insurance companies
    • Retail businesses
    • Legal firms

    Protect your growing business against cyberattacks and data security breaches; failing to do so may take away resources and time from activities that will encourage your business’s growth.

    You never know; a hacker might just be waiting for the right time to strike. Reach out to us to be one step ahead.

    Our small business cybersecurity consulting services include creating and customizing a solution that’s right for you. We’ll make sure you’ll be equipped with a system that’s scalable, flexible and cost-effective.

    Work with us, and we’ll give your business the protection it needs.

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