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Xorcom CXR Series

This cost-efficient series of IP-PBX solutions is designed for standard telephony requirements. It features three models for businesses of different sizes: small/home offices, SMBs, and enterprises.

Find the right Xorcom telephony solution for your business.

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Flexible IP-PBX Solutions for Your Business Needs

The Xorcom CXR series provides telephony solutions for all kinds of businesses. From small business IP-PBX phone systems that accommodate up to 30 users to enterprise VoIP systems with a maximum capacity of 1500 users, these solutions improve in-house communication and collaboration.

Invest in a telephony system that:

How Your Business Benefits from the CXR Series

Kital makes the Xorcom CXR series more accessible to businesses in the Philippines. These IP-PBX solutions typically have a higher cost than VoIP solutions. But the benefits outweigh your initial investment:

Consider how Xorcom CXR telephony systems are equipped to help your business:

Minimal Operational Disruptions

The Xorcom CXR series is made for easy installation and maintenance. You can easily set up the phone system without significant disruption of everyday operations.

Reduced Communication Costs

IP-PBX solutions such as the Xorcom CXR series have a diverse range of features, including the possibility of long-distance and international calls via VoIP.

Scalable Telephony Systems

Flexibility is one of Xorcom’s greatest features. You can get started with a conservative IP-PBX system and gradually increase scalability as your business grows.

Improved Service and Productivity

A Xorcom IP-PBX system integrates regular phone functions and computer-based applications to improve internal communications and phone calls with customers.

Differentiating the CXR Series Models

Xorcom is a leader in business telephony solutions. It isn’t surprising that the CXR series addresses the needs of different-sized businesses.

Find the right model for your business:


Xorcom CXR1000

The CXR1000 is a PBX appliance that accommodates VoIP and PSTN/telephone ports. Small offices and home offices use it for voicemail boxes, hunt groups, call center operations, and auto attendants.  The phone system also features fax support, paging, and intercom features.

This telephony solution features the Xorcom CompletePBX 5 management interface which allows it to support up to 55 concurrent calls. It’s available in a desktop or a wall-mountable chassis.


Xorcom CXR2000 and CXR3000

The CXR2000 is a stand-alone telephony system designed for use by small and medium businesses.  Like the CXR1000, it features voicemail boxes, hunt groups, call center operations, and auto attendants.  It’s also protected by firewall and intrusion protection software.

This CXR model has the Xorcom CompletePBX 5 management interface. It can easily accommodate up to 200 users and a maximum of 85 concurrent calls at any given moment.


Xorcom CXR2000 and CXR3000

The CXR3000 is a stand-alone enterprise telephony system that features Xorcom’s Complete PBX5 management interface. It has the same features as the CXR1000 and the CXR2000 models. But this model is designed for use by up to 1000 users and up to 325 concurrent calls.

Enterprises can also activate the optional voice enhancement and echo cancellation feature of the pre-configured and heavy-duty telephony system. It improves communication and productivity.

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Industries Supported by the CXR Series

The Xorcom CXR series has varying hardware configurations that can accommodate a wide range of users, from 2 to 1500 at a time. Its tailor-made phone system solutions support many industries:

  • Corporate: Consultants, businesses, and multi-site enterprises
  • Education: Schools, libraries, and other academic institutions
  • Financial: High-security banking and retail establishments
  • Government: High-security government and legal offices
  • Healthcare: Clinics, hospitals, and emergency hotlines
  • Industrial: Manufacturing plants, and factories
  • Operators: Telcos, carriers, and phone operators
  • Others: Contractors, developers, and logistics companies

Choose Xorcom Solutions from Kital

Xorcom designs IP-PBX phone systems for businesses of all sizes and from different industries.

Businesses, enterprises, non-profits, and government agencies from around the world use these systems for uninterrupted workplace productivity and communication. The diverse product range also includes VoIP and hybrid PBX solutions, single-location and multi-branch telephony systems, virtual phone systems, and multi-tenant PBX solutions.

As the leading provider of telecom solutions in the Philippines, Kital readily helps you set up a Xorcom CXR phone system or upgrade your existing IP PBX infrastructure. Our team empowers your business, whether it’s an SMB or an enterprise, by helping you find the most sensible phone system.

    Streamline Communication and Collaboration

    Discover how a Xorcom telephony system transforms the way your team communicates. Kital’s technical support team guides you through the CXR series and teaches you how to maximize your investment. Get in touch with us today.


    Kital is an innovative telecom, IP Telephony, and customized solutions provider to small-to-medium-sized businesses and large enterprises in the Philippines.

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