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Xorcom CXT Series

The Xorcom CXT series includes enterprise VoIP systems and IP-PBX systems with built-in redundancy. These telephony solutions are designed for the varying communication needs of large enterprises.

Kital helps you find the most ideal CXT system for your business.

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Enhance Communication Channels through CXT

The Xorcom CXT series is designed for businesses with strict policies regarding networking and reliability. It’s also suitable for call centers and enterprises that require instant messaging and voice mail explorer, along with standard telephony requirements. In that sense, CXT is similar to the CXE series.

The CXT series works even harder than the CXE series, though. It features server-grade components including hot swappable disk drives and power supplies. CXT telephony systems also have built-in power for up to four Astribank USB gateways.

And like other Xorcom IP-PBX systems, CXT features the CompletePBX operating system which ensures resilience and uninterrupted communications.

How Your Business Benefits from the CXT Series

Kital contributes to streamlined communications for businesses in the Philippines. It features the Xorcom CXT series of IP-PBX telephony solutions for uninterrupted voice communication over computer networks.

Like regular PBX systems, IP-PBX has the following features: call waiting, call recording, call forwarding, call transfer, call hold, paging, and voicemail. But there are more benefits to having an IP-PBX telephony system like the CXT series:

Software-Based Telephony Solutions

IP-PBX telephony systems are particularly remarkable because they’re software-based solutions that use standard computer networks. It’s easy to integrate them into your existing systems.

Integrated Voice and Data Network

The immediate benefit that many businesses notice is the fact that they don’t need to maintain separate networks for voice and data. But keeping them separate still remains an option.

Remote & Mobile Extension Accessibility

IP-PBX systems like the CXT series let you create remote and mobile extensions to expand your network. It helps you facilitate uninterrupted communication with your team and customers.

Scalable Telephony Systems

Xorcom understands the universal goal of growing a business and expanding one’s network. CXT phone systems are compatible with other Xorcom products that adapt to your scalability needs.

Differentiating the CXT Models

Kital suggests the Xorcom CXT series of IP-PBX telephony solutions for businesses and enterprises that require large-scale internal and inbound communications.

Explore the available CXT models:



CXT3000 business phone system is an enterprise-grade IP-PBX system with built-in redundancy. It can handle up to 1000 users and 16 PRI lines within a network. It supports up to 550 concurrent calls in standard office operations and a maximum of 800 analog extensions in hybrid settings.

Like the CXE3000 phone system, the CXT3000 model runs the CompletePBX operating system. But it features additional hot-swappable server-grade HDDs, internal power supplies, and built-in power that can accommodate up to four Astribanks. It’s ideal for large call centers.



CXT4000 enterprise phone system is an enterprise-grade IP-PBX system with built-in redundancy.  It supports up to 1500 users and 24 PRI lines. It enables up to 880 concurrent calls in regular settings and a maximum of 960 analog extensions in hybrid settings like hotels and hospitals.

Like other Xorcom IP-PBX systems, the CXT4000 model uses the CompletePBX operating system. It provides the same hot-swappable HDDs and internal power-supplies as the CXT3000. Its built in power can also feed up to four Astribanks. It’s ideal for call centers and enterprises.



The TwinStar Plus CXTS3000 features two CXT3000 module-less VoIP servers. It’s designed for heavy-duty and stand-alone IP-PBX functions. It has also been pre-configured for ease of use.



The TwinStar Plus CXTS4000 features two CXT4000 module-less VoIP servers. It’s a stand-alone and out-of-the-box IP-PBX solution that can accommodate large-scale voice call demands.

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Industries Supported by the CXT Series

Xorcom CXT telephony solutions are designed for large businesses and enterprises that handle 1000 to 1500 users and 550 to 880 concurrent calls. These IP-PBX solutions are widely used in:

  • Call centers
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Financial institutions
  • Government agencies
  • Schools and universities
  • Hospitals and treatment centers

CXT phone systems are also used by multi-site enterprises. Talk to a Kital representative to learn more about these IP-PBX solutions and how they can be tailored to your business communication needs.

Find the Right Xorcom Solution for You

Xorcom CTE IP-PBX telephony systems help large businesses and enterprises thrive through seamless communication. These solutions can be customized to increase your team’s operational efficiency.

Kital helps you determine which Xorcom is most suitable for your business. We help you modify this system to meet your unique telephony needs. Get in touch with our technical support team today.

    Improve In-house and Inbound Communication

    Kital helps you achieve seamless communication and collaboration through the Xorcom CXT series of IP-PBX telephony systems. Enhance the way you communicate within your network and with your customers.


    Kital is an innovative telecom, IP Telephony, and customized solutions provider to small-to-medium-sized businesses and large enterprises in the Philippines.

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