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Sundray Technologies

Founded in 2014, Sundray has been dedicated to the digital transformation of industries. It has built solid network foundations for more secure and agile connections.

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Secure Connections for Your Enterprise

Sundray supplies industry-grade WLAN network equipment. They have empowered organizations in a wide range of industries with strong and secure connections to support their operations.

The Kital Group, which specializes in state-of-the-art telecommunications technologies, is one of the trusted distributors of Sundray in the Philippines. Kital has provided cutting-edge technology to Philippine businesses for over 30 years.

Explore Sundray Technologies

Sundray offers various products to support your organization’s connectivity needs. Look into their products:

sundray gateway

Sundray’s network access controllers provide comprehensive protection for a safer internet experience. It also features a visible management platform for smooth centralized management of all wireless devices.

sundray switches

Sundray offers a more secure way to allow devices to communicate within your network. This features unified intranet security, intuitive status visualization, and simpler operations and management.

sundray gateways

Sundray gateways offer unparalleled security through a cloud structure with two-way certificate encryption. This also comes with cloud services as an add-on.

access points

Sundray access points use AI-powered anti-phising WiFi and full authentication process guards to create a secure network with smoother user experience.

Why You Need Sundray Technology Solutions for your Business

One-Stop Comprehensive Solutions

Sundray offers a variety of technology and solutions that cover all connections within a network. Individual products also include additional features to help enterprises improve their network security.

Improved Security

Businesses must take every step to protect their network and data. Sundray offers various technology products that provide layers of protection.

Cloud-Based Services

Sundray has integrated cloud structures into its technology, allowing them to offer additional services that help enhance its clients’ services.

Intuitive User Experience

Managing your network is easier with Sundray’s intuitive systems. Some devices have features that can be managed through the Cloud App.


Different types and sizes of business require unique levels of network security, which is why Sundray has technology offer a wide range of solutions that are applicable to different industries.

Strong After Sales Support

Sundray sets you up for success by offering courses and certifications to help your IT team master its systems. But you can also expect fast support if you need assistance in troubleshooting their products.

Comprehensive Network Management

Sophisticated technology to secure and manage your computer network can be simple. Let Kital’s technical support team guide you through Sundray’s products and solutions to help you find the one to fit your needs.

Protect Your Operations with Advanced Solutions from Sundray

You’ve built your business from the ground up; don’t let it crumble down from a cyberattack. Make sure that your business is protected at every step with Sundray’s technology solutions. Upgrade your network controllers, access points, switches, or gateways with Sundray Philippines.

Get in touch with a Kital Agent today to know more about Sundray’s products.


    Kital is an innovative telecom, IP Telephony, and customized solutions provider to small-to-medium-sized businesses and large enterprises in the Philippines.

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