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Dell Servers

With a Dell server, your business can attain the efficiency, versatility and performance it needs to scale smarter, innovate faster and manage more systematically.

Designed by one of today’s leading technology giants, you can assure that Dell’s servers are reliable, secure and high-performing.

Database Server


By equipping your business with a server, access to information becomes easier. Information can now be accessed from all computers within your business, rather than having them stored on one or multiple desktops. This means you don’t have to worry about losing any data if a machine fails or gets stolen.

internet screen security protection

Remote accessibility

Employees who are away from the office or at a remote location can have easier access to data. Also, a server uses a range of tools to ensure all the information is encrypted as it is saved, meaning those who choose to download it from another location will have a safe file to work with.

Man in Database Server

Increased reliability

By having all your employee information and data stored on a server, it can be backed up easily and quickly. With frequent backups, it will be easier for your employees to access updated data and information from different workstations.

Fuel your success with a reliable server

Dell’s servers are designed to improve your business’s IT productivity and workload performance to drive success.

We in Kital are certified distributors of Dell servers to businesses across Metro Manila and the Philippines. When you partner with us, we’ll ensure you reap the rewards of a cost-effective and robust server system.


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