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Sundray Gateway

Sundray’s gateways have provided businesses with better connectivity between devices and networks. Empower your business to reach greater success with intelligent gateways. 

sundray network controllers

Intelligent Gateways for Fortified Networks

The Kital Group has been bringing the latest technologies to the Philippine Market for over 30 years.

Sundray’s gateways have helped Philippine businesses optimize their connections and strengthen network security. With high-performance, cloud-powered gateways, network management can be simpler.

Why You Need Business Needs Gateway Solutions

Simple Cloud Management

Sundray’s gateway devices can be managed through the cloud, which allows for one-click optimization, real-time status reports, and mobile access. It also comes with additional cloud services to help optimize operations.

Improved Security

Gateway solutions work with access points and switches to build comprehensive security for your computer network. This ensures that your network is secure from both internal and external threats.

Seamless Connectivity

Gateways help ensure seamless connectivity between networks or devices with different protocols, which helps facilitate more efficient communication and processes.

Intuitive Network Status Display

Sundray gateways come with this feature, which provides a comprehensive report on the different elements of your network. It is easy to use and can help improve network management.

Discover Sundray Gateway Models

Sundray provides a range of gateway models for different requirements. Explore different models and find the one that matches your business’s needs.

xmg 5100


This high-capacity gateway is designed for high-speed WiFi applications in high-density locations. It cooperates well with different series of Sundray access points and switches.

xmg 3500


This is a high-performance, diversified, multi-service gateway that features wireless controllers and a range of security features. Sundray cloud technology provides intelligent and simplified network management.

sundray gateway


This high-capacity multi-service gateway supports 300 to 400 terminals. It features two management modes for non-technical users and experts for easier use.

xmg 3300

XMG 3300

This high-performance multi-service gateway is designed to provide optimal security and a user-friendly experience. It supports unified management of wired and wireless networks and two management modes for non-technical and expert users.

xmg 5100

XMG 3100 PWR

This gateway is designed for small enterprises and smart homes, so it features easy deployment and user-friendly operation and maintenance through the app. It provides exceptional security and seamless connections.

xmg 3200

XMG 3200

This high-performing multi-service gateway features a wireless controller, authentication server, firewall system, and network status display. Its intelligent network management offers a seamless user experience.

Secure, Smooth Data Transmission

Discover how a high-performing gateway can improve data flow between different networks and boost productivity. Kital’s technical support team guides you through Sundray’s gateway models so you can choose the right investment.

Secure Your Connections for Smoother Workflow

Sundray gateway solutions provide another layer of protection for your business. Smart gateways can have an exceptional impact on your business by equipping your team with secure and efficient connections.

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