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Altai Access Points

Altai designs and develops industry-grade and carrier-grade WiFi products and technology. Altai indoor and outdoor access points are trusted and deployed worldwide.

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Access Points for Stable Connections

The Kital Group brings Altai’s products to Philippine businesses. The company specializes in providing telecommunication systems to empower businesses. Connect your organization with state-of-the-art access points.

Why do You Need an Access Point for Your Business?

Stable Connectivity

Altai access points offer unparalleled signal strength that can handle high user density and harsh environments. With these access points, employees or clients throughout your organization can enjoy stable, consistent internet connectivity.

Improved Network Security

Access points offer stronger security against data breaches and other cybersecurity risks. With proper configuration and set-up, businesses can increase their online security and protect their and their clients’ sensitive information.


A scalable connection comes in handy as your organization grows. You don’t need to implement major changes in infrastructure to maintain stable connections and strong network security.

Higher Bandwidth Capabilities

Access points extend Wi-Fi coverage and support high traffic to ensure that everyone in your organization has a fast connection. Altai offers AP models with different coverage capabilities to support your business needs.

Explore Access Point Models from Altai

Altai offers a wide range of access points to fit the different needs of each business. Find the right model for you.

altai a8-ein

A8-Ein(ac) Super WiFi Base Station

This base station is designed for long-range coverage with fewer sites. With Altai’s proprietary smart antenna, this Altai A8 model operates in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz with up to 30km backhauling.

altai a8n

A8n(ac) Super WiFi Base Station

This outdoor access point features higher capacity and efficiency while offering a 10 times wider coverage area than standard access points.


AX600-S/X Dual-Band Smart AP

This model is designed to support Super WiFi systems, providing high-capacity, dual-band, dual-concurrent access, and additional coverage for areas with low or blocked signals.


A3-Ei Dual-Band Access Point

This compact dual-band access point is designed to be used in Super WiFi systems to extend its coverage. It offers stable connection even in harsh conditions ranging from -40°C to +60°C.

alta cx200

CX200 WiFi Access Point

This high-performing access point is ideal for high-density locations. Omni antennas offer high-coverage, strong signals that can withstand harsh environments.

altai ap

CX600 WiFi Access Point

The CX600 WiFi Access Point is designed to provide reliable connectivity. The WiFi 6 technology offers improved multi-user efficiency for mobile users and IoT devices.

altai ap

A2/A2x WiFi Access Point/Bridge

The Altai A2 series features superior design and technology, allowing it to offer flexible deployment options and faster connectivity with wire-like throughput.

altai ix600

IX600 Dual-Band Access Point

This indoor AP is designed for optimal speed and data volume, capable of providing access for up to 256 associated clients per radio. This is a reliable access point for indoor deployments with medium density.

altai vx200

VX200 Dual Band CPE/AP

This is an affordable high-performance CPE/AP designed specifically for industrial environments. This model supports industrial communication standards and can provide stable connectivity even in harsh environments.

Altai MIS120P/200p/600p

MIS120P/200P/600P Industrial PoE Switch

This is an industrial-grade managed switch designed to operate in harsh industrial environments. This comes with multiple features to protect your network and devices to ensure stable operations.

C1xn+/C1xan Super WiFi CPE/AP

C1n/C1xn+ Super WiFi CPE/AP

This is a high-performing CPE/AP that offers stronger WiFi signal and client throughput. Operating both as a CPE and small WiFi access point, the Altai C1n/C1xn+ strongly complements the super WiFi base station coverage solution.

C1n/C1an Super WiFi CPE/AP

C1an/C1xan Super WiFi CPE/AP

This compact CPE/AP uses a patented smart-signal processing algorithm for better performance. This versatile device operates as both customer premise equipment and access point and can support multiple end users.

C2s Dual-Band 2×2 AC Super WiFi AP/Bridge

C2s Dual-Band Access Point/Bridge

The Altai C2s are designed to offer carrier-grade performance while remaining an affordable solution, suitable for service providers. This high-powered device combines Altai’s technological breakthroughs to provide consistent, reliable WiFi connectivity to users.

Keep Everyone Connected

Guarantee strong, stable, and secure connectivity for your organization, across floors and buildings, with access point technology from Altai. Let Kital guide you through the latest models to find the model for your needs.

Invest in Reliable Connections with Altai Access Points

A fast, stable connection is key to productive operations. Balance quality and value for money with the Altai access point that matches your business’s needs.

Contact a Kital Agent to know more about securing reliable connections in every corner of your facility or office with Altai.


    Kital is an innovative telecom, IP Telephony, and customized solutions provider to small-to-medium-sized businesses and large enterprises in the Philippines.

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