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State-of-the-Art Hybrid PBX/PABX Solutions for Your Business

Kital is one of the leading Hybrid PBX and PABX suppliers across Metro Manila and the Philippines. Our systems combine the advantages of traditional business PBX and modern IP technology, allowing for secure and streamlined communications across your departments and locations.

Our Uniphone systems offer a long list of standard offerings and custom features that let your staff manage calls better. These bring practical benefits to your business, such as better speed and security, reduced operational costs and monthly bills, and less downtime.

With Kital, you can count on seamless installation and integration.

Our Uniphone PBX and IP telephony handsets, software, and related devices are compatible with all legacy systems. There is no need for a major office upgrade. You’ll enjoy better quality calls and new collaboration platforms in no time. 

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PBX and PABX: What’s the Difference?

A PBX (private branch exchange) system used to require a live operator to connect internal and external phone lines, while PABX systems (private automatic branch exchange) come with an automatic switching system.

A PBX system, in its original definition, is obsolete since all PBX systems are now electronically automated. But the terms are often used interchangeably, since both PBX and PABX point to the same system. PABX is just a new term for PBX enriched with advanced capabilities.

In other words, PBX and PABX refer to one continuously evolving technology.

Advancements in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) have significantly transformed telephony services across the board. Today’s IP-PBX comes with a cloud hosting option and rich functionalities, like call forwarding, call conferencing, unified messaging, and more.

Newer systems come with a robust firewall and can be configured as a VPN server so that users can make private and secure calls. This allows your organization to create a central network to connect its main branches and remote offices, multi-national locations, and mobile workforce. A wide variety of wireless handsets can also be connected to a central network to keep your employees on the move.

What is Hybrid PBX/PABX?

A hybrid PBX/PABX combines the advantages of legacy telecom systems with state-of-the-art IP technology. It’s a robust device that connects your PBX structure to the Internet, making it an easier transition than a full VoIP or hosted PBX solution. The result is a flexible and scalable system at a fraction of the cost of a complete upgrade.  

Rich Functionalities

A hybrid PBX is a single, central device where you can connect multiple IP phones and extensions via Ethernet, telephone jacks, LAN, or WAN. These enable a range of telephony capabilities, like auto-attendant, fax over IP, virtual conference rooms, call optimization, and SIP trunking.

Lower Call and Operational Costs

A hybrid PBX promises long-term savings by allowing you to make free long-distance calls to remote offices and secondary locations. It also eliminates the need to expand your telephone lines because you can easily connect cordless phones directly to the hybrid device.  

Enjoy all these benefits by working with Kital. We offer the widest selection of Uniphone systems and related devices, which we will customize according to your company’s telecom needs. As a world-class IP-PBX provider, expect seamless installation and integration, as well as continued systems maintenance and technical support.

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What is a PBX Phone System?

PBX is the acronym for “Private Branch Exchange”, which is a private telephone network. A PBX phone system allows for internal and external communication. Different communication channels can be used in a PBX phone system, such as conventional analog, VoIP, or ISDN.

One advantage of a PBX phone is that it allows users to have more telephone sets than physical phone lines, and calls between users within the network are free. The system also allows features like call transferring, voicemail, call recording, call queuing, and Interactive Voice Menus (IVM).

Although conventional PBX networks use their own proprietary phones, these can sometimes be reconfigured for use in a different system. To prevent this, some PBX providers install system lock-in features to prevent clients from breaking their contract and using the phones for a different system. Another locking feature is the vendor lock-in, which binds the phones to work only with systems the vendor provides.

These days, the PBX phone system of choice is the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a system that delivers phone calls via the Internet. PBX phone systems are available as virtual, hosted, or on-premise solutions that run on your own hardware.

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Why Your Business Needs a Hybrid PBX/PABX System

In the Philippines, a majority of businesses still rely on traditional, analog phone systems. Although legacy systems have their merits, today’s IP technology is more adapted to the needs of businesses and demands of consumers.

Here are good reasons to switch to a hybrid PBX and PABX system:

Call Automation Increases Staff Mobility

PBX/PABX systems are essentially automatic switching systems between multiple telephone lines within a business environment. It replaces live operators, meaning people don’t need to wait long on hold or on queue. Today’s hybrid technologies also include voice, video, SMS, and data over IP so employees stay connected at all times.

Call and Utility Costs are Lower

If you have multiple branches and off-shore clients, long distance calls can cripple your budget. With a hybrid PBX/PABX, employees can make long-distance calls over IP for free. This technology also features compact and energy-efficient hardware, which offer savings on utility and maintenance.

Reliable Communications Boost Productivity

A solid communication strategy is one of the keys to business success.  With more options to communicate and collaborate, your employees stay productive and you keep your business running even during a power interruption.

With Kital as your hybrid PBX/PABX service provider, you’ll enjoy unparalleled voice quality, reliability, endless call optimization, reduced costs, and increased staff collaboration, which all lead to an improvement in your bottom line.

Uniphone Linemex: Telecom Systems for a Growing Business

Kital carries a line of Uniphone Linemex Hybrid PBX/PABX systems, which combine traditional  and IP telephony technologies. These 3-level automatic reception systems let you connect analog, digital, and IP (SIP) phones for versatile and economical call management.


This reception system is capable of supporting up to 24 analog, digital, and IP  phones, a good fit for small businesses with few remote workers.  It comes with a built-in VoIP, voice mail, and ISDN-BRI  interface and endless call optimization options, like LCR, call barring, and remote programming.


This system is like the ISDK-26 but with a capacity of up to 82 users. It enables reliable and cost-effective analog, digital, and IP telecommunications. It’s ideal for businesses with multiple departments, branches, and mobile workers, as well as call center environments that require uniform call distribution.


This versatile call system can support up to 162 users and is compatible with a wide range of analog, digital, and IP phones, as well as critical communication gateways. It provides all the features of the UD-Series that allow for better call management.

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Kital is the IP-PBX vendor you can trust. Our technologies adapt to the specific needs and budgets of businesses across Metro Manila and the Philippines. From enterprise-level hosting services to hybrid PBX solutions, we are a one-stop resource for innovative IP telephony.

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