Zycoo – Turnkey and Custom VoIP Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

Connectivity and collaboration are crucial for business success, more so for SMBs. Whether you manage five or 500 people in a single location, you need an IP-powered communications system. It will not only bring your people together, it will connect your business to the world.

Kital will make your transition to IP telephony smooth and cost-effective through our suite of Zycoo VoIP technologies and related devices. We can deploy a turnkey system or plan a customized solution.

Zycoo products are specially designed with SMBs in mind. This means you’ll only spend money on a system that’s right for your business. With Kital, expect a seamless integration, unparalleled tech support, and a world of rich VoIP functionalities.

VoIP Innovations Focused on Your Growth

Save money and time without compromising your communications with Zycoo. At a reasonable price point, you’ll enjoy extended VoIP features, including remote office connection and extensions, IVR, and extensive call optimization. You’ll also get free office-to-office and long-distance calls.

You’ll stay on top of your operations, meetings, and conferences. With your operations streamlined and telecom costs reduced, you’ll achieve your goals faster.

Unified Communications

The world, including your competitors, is moving away from PSTN to VoIP. And so should you. With Zycoo’s unified communications solutions for SMBs, your people will gain access to multiple collaboration and communication platforms, like email, fax, voice, video conferencing, instant messaging, and SMS – all in one secure and intuitive platform.

Remote Connectivity

Zycoo’s SIP phones give you more control over your remote or offshore operations. These mobile IP phones keep your staff productive and save you money on long-distance calls. Unlike commercial phone systems, SIP phones are connected to your private network, so the connection is secure and reliable, even during a power outage.

Zycoo’s VoIP solutions enable flawless connectivity and cost-effective communication across multiple channels. These are made possible using the following technologies:

CTMS – Zycoo’s Cloud Telephony Management System (CTMS) is a robust software application that lets you make free calls across offices and remote locations. You’ll only need to buy the license once to enjoy a lifetime’s worth of crystal clear calls, better call management, and flexibility.

UC Pro – This multi-platform computer telephony integration (CTI) device gives you the maximum benefits of your IP telephony and internal business tools combined. It integrates perfectly with a wide range of business applications.

CooVox  – The CooVox EX16S connects your analog systems to a wide range of IP extension features, like fax over IP, voicemail, conferencing, call management, and more. It’s not an IP gateway, but it delivers the same purpose at a fraction of the cost. It’s the right fit for SMBs.

SIP Speakers – Zycoo’s SIP speakers let you deliver encrypted announcements and other important messages within your building or across your remote locations. When integrated into your network, you can initiate a call to the SIP Speakers wherever you are, even during a power outage. These are crucial assets to have when emergencies arise.

On top of these VoIP devices, Zycoo has a long list of software applications and add-ons, like the CooCall and CooBill that enhance your telecom experience.

Fuel Your Communications and Success with Kital

Kital brings cost-effective and scalable VoIP solutions to small businesses across Metro Manila and the Philippines. We have the technologies and expertise to transform your communications, all within your budget. It’s an investment that yields long-term rewards. Consult with us today.