Uniphone – Hybrid IP-PBX Systems to Power Your Communications

Kital enables businesses to create hybrid IP-PBX/PABX solutions through its suite of Uniphone telecommunication technologies. At the core of these integrated systems is a central switching system, a core engine that gives your people multiple ways to connect and collaborate.

The system acts as both your gatekeeper and gateway to the outside world. It gives you shared internal access to unified communications services, including VoIP, reporting, email, video conferencing, desktop sharing, instant messaging, SMS, and mobility via softphones.

You can build cost-effective, powerful, and scalable business phone system with these technologies:

  • Uniphone Asterisk IP-PBX
  • Uniphone Hybrid IP-PBX
  • Uniphone Smart IP Phones
  • Uniphone Built-in VoIP Card

The key productivity features of an IP-PBX/PABX solution are voicemail, auto attendant, conference bridging, intercom calling, parking, and paging. What’s more is that this system is future-proof, meaning it continues to evolve in response to your company’s needs. DIY telecom options are at hand, allowing you to customize how your phone systems operate.


Key Features of Uniphone IP-PBX Technologies

VoIP-ready – Uniphone’s next-generation hybrid IP-PBX/PABX system system has built-in VoIP features that can support several forms of communication. It connects your traditional telephones to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), but with IP connectivity. By deploying the system, you’ll have access to VoIP capabilities. This means you’ll enjoy free calls, unparalleled convenience, and the freedom to integrate your office phones with web applications and third-party technologies.

Unified Communications – Hybrid IP-PBX/PABX merges propriety and modern VoIP technologies. This opens you up to a feature-rich and diverse communications landscape that includes mobile telephony, instant messaging, SMS, email, and more. This feature will introduce new efficiencies to your business and help you streamline your operations.

Mobility – A hybrid IP-PBX/PABX system is the most convenient and cost-effective telecom solution for businesses with remote offices and mobile workers. You can remotely control your SIP phones so you can bring your people from multiple disparate locations.    

Reporting – Transparency is a key feature of hybrid IP-PBX/PABX. It lets you generate basic call history and call cost reports and other insights. This way, you can measure your telecom spending and create better optimization and management decisions.

For your business to thrive in this fast-paced economy, you need a telecom infrastructure that meets your current and anticipates your future needs.

Make the switch with Kital. We’ll amplify your communications with Uniphone technologies and our expertise.

Hybrid IP-PBX/PABX Suite to Amplify Your Business Capabilities

All the components you need to build a robust communications system is within reach by switching to Uniphone. Take hold of these systems with Kital:

  • Uniphone Asterisk Hybrid IP-PBX/PABX – this core engine offers total and seamless integration with your IP mobile phones, laptop with softphone, IP desk phones, VoIP gateway, and other hybrid PBX systems.

  • Uniphone Hybrid IP-PBX/PABX – enhance your existing PBX/PABX system with IP connectivity using this system. It can be configured to meet your exact needs and can expand as your needs grow or change.

  • UniphoneSmart IP Phones – Smart IP phones (mobile and fixed) integrate perfectly with your IP-PBX system. They are easy to use and have a long list of VoIP and PBX/PABX features.

  • Uniphone Built-in VoIP Card – ideal for multi-site offices and chain stores, this system lets users from disparate locations communicate with an internal extension. Your business gets secure, cost-effective, and spotless connectivity.

Uniphone enables you to build a system that you can continually upgrade as your business grows. The technology provides continuity and seamless integration with a wide variety of devices and software. Whatever innovation comes up, you can add it to your hybrid IP-PBX/PABX suite for an ever-richer telecom experience.

Unify Your People with Uniphone’s Hybrid IP-PBX/PABX Technologies

Uniphone’s telecommunication suite is designed to empower businesses across the Philippines. By working with Kital, thesecutting-edge hybrid IP-PBX/PABX technologies can now be in your hands, transforming the way your people communicate and collaborate.

We carry the following models and related devices:


This versatile call system is capable of supporting up to 24 analog, digital, and IP phones, making itan ideal solution for small businesses with mobile workers. It comes with a built-in VoIP,voice mail, and ISDN-BRI interface and endless call optimization options, like LCR, callbarring, and remote programming.


Enjoy all the advanced features of the ISDK-26 but with a capacity of up to 82 users. This systemdelivers dependable andcost-effectiveanalog, digital, and IP telecommunications. It also has a uniform call distribution feature, which is perfect for businesses withmultiple departments, branches, and remote workers, as well as call center environments.


This call system carries all the high-end features of the UD-series, and so much more. It can support up to 162 users and is compatible with a wide rangeof analog, digital, and IP phones, as well as critical communication gateways. Your employees will enjoy endless call management and customization features and spotless voice/call quality.

Create a Mobile and Smart Office with Kital

Kital brings cutting-edge Uniphone technologies to transform businesses across Metro Manila and the Philippines. Whether you’re looking for a turnkey solution for your small business or building a custom system from scratch, our technicians and project managers are with you all the way. Get in touch with us today.