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Hosted PBX Solves Scalability Challenges in Small Businesses

More young professionals in the country are establishing their ventures. A study by PwC Philippines and QBO Innovation Hub found that there are over 300 startups in the country, most of which started operations between 2012 and 2017. It’s a strong indication of their confidence in the economy and business environment. In fact, 86% of

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Cloud Telephone Systems: The Future of Small Business Communications

Companies use computers for a wide range of purposes to keep operations running smoothly. From scheduling tasks and sending messages to facilitating employees’ salaries and storing all of the company’s data — computers have taken over an extensive list of tasks formerly done by other devices. Despite the shift, business telephone systems continue to flourish.

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An Updated Phone System Can Help SMBs Compete with Big Players

Small businesses operating on a lean budget may find it difficult to convince clients and potential investors of their capabilities. Size matters in business. In order to bring in the business, you need to scale. It makes sense to look bigger than you are. Adopting voice over IP phone systems can help level the playing


PBX Systems: An Essential Component of Seamless Hotelier Communication

Every industry faces disruption from technology. The rapid adoption of smartphones has increased the dependence on app-based services, for instance. Businesses that want to stay on the leading edge of telecommunications should warm up to unified communications — a framework that integrates various instant messaging platforms and other real-time communication tools — to boost overall

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Addressing the Challenges of Legacy System Upgrades Through Custom IP-PBX Solutions

In the current digital economy, telecommunications can no longer remain behind the scenes. Communication systems are essential, especially in businesses with call centers, which provide touch-points for clients and customers. Since improving customer experience is a key concern for such operations, streamlining communication is one way to keep up with new technology trends and maintain


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