Telecom Systems

Communications and Mobility Solutions for Today’s Business Environment

Businesses face constant pressure to remain competitive, while government agencies are expected to provide better public services, no matter the scale. With increasing complexity and restrictive budgets, leaders need to make smart, cost-effective decisions when it comes to upgrading to a new technology.

With your workforce constantly on the move, they should be aligned and focused on your objectives. Whether they’re in Metro Manila, across the Philippines or abroad, your staff should be able to communicate with ease and flexibility.

Kital gives you access to telecom services for businesses and organizations that can be customized to your needs, goals, and budgets. We provide the largest variety of VoIP, SIP, PBX/PABX, fixed, cordless, or mobile phones, and related devices, as well as turnkey solutions that fit your current infrastructure.

A hybrid PBX/PABX system is your solution to costly interruptions, security breaches, and lengthy call forwarding. Our systems combine the power of proprietary telephony and IP technology (minus the untidy cables) to give you more advanced features and flexibility. With it, you’ll get better call reception, caller recognition, and call management.

As the leading PBX/PABX supplier in the Philippines, you can count on seamless installation and integration, no matter the complexity of your IP infrastructure. Whether your business needs a new system or an upgrade, we deliver the same results and provide numerous customization options.

Kital is one of the leading business Voice over IP (VoIP) providers in the Philippines. Our VoIP systems feature rich functionalities and robust hardware that enable stable and efficient communication. We make inter-departmental or inter-office collaboration easy through an intuitive platform.

Transitioning to this technology will also be smooth since we’ll set-up the phones, cables, related hardware, and Internet connection for you. Our technical support team is also available to guide your staff, making sure you make the most of your investment.

Your outdated office telephone systems could be hurting your budget and operational efficiency. Upgrading them will result in better outcomes across the board, from reduced monthly bills to improved customer satisfaction. Our business phone systems offer the connectivity and stability you need to keep your business running smoothly.

We can even optimize your system with additional features like call recording, voicemail, call forwarding, firewall, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and VPN tunnels for increased security and efficiency. We also offer the most diverse phone options on the market.

Corporate and government employees face an expanding workload in a complex network. This calls for an enterprise-level unified communications system.

Kital offers cutting-edge unified communications solutions as a service. With our IP telephony, instant messaging, mobility, and video conferencing solutions, you can bring your people together, wherever they are in the country or the world. With a system tailored to your organization, you can manage and consolidate communications in one secure and intuitive platform. It’s the kind of capability leads to enhanced employee engagement and better business outcomes.

Your point-to-point cabling system is not only a hassle to operate; it also supports only a small number of connections. As you expand your network and grow your business, investing in a more advanced data center and structured cabling system is a must. It will eliminate the time and money you spend on locating and fixing any issues.

Kital offers structured cabling solutions that let you save on monthly bills and maintenance costs, improved operational performance, and drive business growth.

Communications and Collaboration Systems that Power Your Business

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