Expand Your Business with Innovative VoIP Solutions

Expand Your Business with Innovative VoIP Solutions

Today’s voice over IP (VoIP) topology is made up of feature-rich applications and diverse phone options that deliver unparalleled communications. Adopting a VoIP system can take your organization to the next level.

Your search for the best VoIP providers in the Philippines ends here.

Kital has the technologies, expertise, and support you need to keep your employees connected and on the move. Make the switch to VegaIP, UniphoneZycoo, and OpenVox our flagship VoIP brands, and enjoy seamless communications, enhanced security, reduced call and maintenance costs, and endless telecom optimization options. 

Our wide range of systems means we can tailor a solution that fits your business’s needs, goals, and budget.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your legacy systems or build a call center environment from scratch, we’ll deliver the same level of service and expertise. We’re one of the few VoIP service providers in the country that deliver custom solutions at reasonable rates. And despite that, our clients enjoy high-end products and unmatched support.

 Invest in a future-proof VoIP phone service today.

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What is VoIP?

A voice over IP (VoIP) phone system transmits voice and multimedia content over the public Internet or a private Internet Protocol (IP) network. It works by converting voice and/or video into packets of digital data (0s and 1s) and sending them over Ethernet cables. The digital data is then converted into analog by the receiving device to deliver the voice and/or video content to the recipient.

There are several ways to place VoIP calls. You can do it via:

  1. IP phones or softphones – cordless or wired phones designed specifically for VoIP communications. These are ideal for businesses with mobile workers and remote offices. The IP phones can be deployed and controlled from the main data center or campus branch.
  2. Computer software – calls are placed using a specialized VoIP software. Calls aren’t charged, no matter the distance. All you need is an Internet connection, sound card, microphone, and speakers.
  3. Analog telephone adaptor (ATA) – an IP telephony device that connects a standard desk phone to a computer configured for VoIP use. This option is less inexpensive than replacing legacy phone systems.

Why Businesses Need a VoIP System

Unlike traditional landline desk phones, where calls go through and are charged by a phone company, VoIP calls can be placed directly, free of charge. More than that, Internet or IP calls are more secure, reliable, and fully customizable. Business VoIP providers also offer unified communications options, including SMS, chat, fax, and more.

Since a single network interconnects the phones, your employees will enjoy several functions, such as call and video conferencing, call routing, and survivable remote site telephony (SRST). You may also move voice to your data network via the cloud for unparalleled call experiences – a crucial requirement in a call center environment.

But it’s not just businesses with international or regional branches and mobile workers that can benefit from VoIP. If you have partners abroad or in another city, or have several departments in one building or main campus, a VoIP network unifies your workers and streamlines your operations.

For schools, government offices, and hospitals, for instance, VoIP phones enable inter-departmental collaboration and uninterrupted communications. These, in turn, could result in better services to students, patients, and the public.

A well-planned and deployed VoIP network can bring profound benefits to your business, like increased staff efficiency and productivity and reduced phone bills and operational calls, among others.

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OpenVox – Your Business’s Gateway to the World

Kital transforms VoIP phone systems using cutting-edge OpenVox gateways. These open source asterisk-based gateways allow us to build a custom telecom solution for businesses of any size. Whether you need a small office system or call center environment in a campus branch, OpenVox enables us to build a reliable infrastructure for all of your telecom needs.

With this technology, we can also use your analog equipment and traditional phone lines, and enrich them with endless VoIP capabilities. These include call optimization and management, SMS, data, FAX, email, and video conferencing over IP. With OpenVox, we can merge all of your phone lines (PSTN, SIP, Analog, and ISDN) into one integrated platform. Users will enjoy terminals and an interface customized to your business.

The OpenVox models we carry are sleek, compact, energy-efficient, and capable of supporting multiple phone lines. Our engineers and technicians will make sure you get seamless integration.

Enjoy all these by working with one of the country’s leading business VoIP providers.

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Innovative and Scalable VoIP Phone Service in the PH

Bring unified, cost-effective telecommunications to your organization with Kital. We combine the capabilities and features of Uniphone and VegaIP devices to give unparalleled VoIP phone service in the Philippines. 

We have a variety of office telephones, specialized IP phones or softphones, software, and related devices that let you optimize your communications. We can tailor a package that fits your exact needs and budget. If you don’t have a cabling and data network infrastructure to support your needs, we can build a cabling system that will support your chosen VoIP package. Our technicians and project managers will get your systems running in no time. 

No matter the size and scope of your network, regardless of what industry you’re in or what technologies you currently have, we can help.

Call us to know more about our Uniphone and VegaIP technologies. 

Get in Touch with Kital, a Leading VoIP Service Provider in the Philippines

Get in Touch with Kital, a leading VoIP phone service provider in the Philippines

Look no further than Kital for the innovative VoIP services in Metro Manila and across the Philippines. We’re committed to helping your organization succeed through future-proof and scalable IP telephony technologies. Let us take your business communications to the next level.