Healing Herbs of the Judean Desert

Therapeutic and Cosmetic Products

Based On Dead Sea Salts, Minerals and Black Mud

Herbs of Kedem products provide effective and efficient relief to a large variety of skincare problems such as psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, nail fungus and much more. The development of our products is based on ancient herbal medicine, a practice in which many fundamentals are used to this day.

Our products, developed in the region of the Dead Sea, are made up of various combinations of essential oils. Due to the extreme climatic conditions in this part of the world (temperature can fluctuate up to 30°C in one day, extremely high salt content, lowest point on earth), the essential oils derived from plants in this region are of superior quality. These core ingredients, which are all 100% organic and some entirely unique to this region of the world, posses incredible healing and therapeutic properties.

100% natural & organic

Because our products are 100% natural and organic, recommended by dermatologists, not tested on animals, with a proven efficiency and over 85% success rate.

Dermatologist recommended

Many dermatologist recommended products for skincare problems (i.e. cortisone) provide immediate, visible results but often aggravate and worsen the skin condition in the long run. Such products will actually thin out the skin over time which causes these conditions to return more frequently. Kedem products provide that same immediate and visible result when first applied but more importantly, our products provide long term benefits to these skin conditions. The more frequently our products are used, the more rejuvenated the affected area becomes and in turn, the less frequently the condition will reappear.


Working... with essential oils

Most consumers are accustomed to chemical or water-based skincare products and so, when they apply a cream or any product to the skin, they rub vigorously until the product is completely absorbed. Because all of our products are composed of essential oils, the skin may appear a little bit greasy after application. By habit, most people will try and rub the skin until the product penetrates the skin. Rubbing/friction will actually heat up the essential oils and prevent absorption. Consumers should let our products sit on the skin for 5-10 minutes after application and the oils will penetrate the skin on their own.

 Treating skin conditions

 The majority of the skin conditions treated by our products (PsoriasisEczema,RosaceaNail Fungus) are problems that lie within our own genetic composition. These symptoms are caused by flaws in our DNA and, to date, we do not have the technology to correct them. As a result, we must move on to the next best solution - rather than eliminating the problem in its entirety, we can efficiently contain and control the problem.

Repaire and rejuvenate the affected area

Once a skin condition has been treated by one of our products (all symptoms are no longer visible), it is likely that the given condition will return in time. The recurrence is commonly seen during the change of seasons (immune system is vulnerable), stressful periods, or after the ingestion of certain ingredients. Now, all of these conditions tend to return in a similar fashion – they start out small and spread/grow within a matter of days. Our products are designed to contain the skin condition while coincidently repairing and rejuvenating the affected area. If treatment is resumed the moment the symptoms reappear, we can completely prevent a breakout and the problem will have been efficiently controlled.

We have recently acquired an NHP number for our most popular product, Sephorris, which is used to treat various forms of nail fungus. We are also in the process of acquiring NHP numbers for twenty other products.


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