IP-PBX System: The Ideal Communication Solution for BPOs

A BPO firm handles thousands of inbound and outbound calls in a day, which is why a reliable telephony infrastructure is the most critical asset of call centers. Settling for a turnkey solution isn’t enough. You need a telecom infrastructure tailored to your business model, operations, budget, and key performance metrics.

Many BPOs use a PBX phone system. The common features of this telephony solution include call recording, flexible call routing, and centralized control. A call center PBX system can significantly benefit from internet integration. You can channel your calls over a system called VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol.

Compared to a traditional PBX system, a VoIP phone system or IP-PBX offers more functionality. It’s the ideal telecom solution for blended call centers that handle both inbound and outbound calls.

Below are some of the benefits of an IP-PBX system for BPOs.

1. Lower Operational Costs

A traditional PBX is an on-premise hardware system, connecting multiple landline phones in an office. The setup for a PBX can get very expensive, especially if you’re planning to upscale your operations.

On the other hand, IP-PBX systems don’t need the extra hardware since calls are made over the internet. VoIP calls are also more affordable since the network connects phones and other devices via an internet connection instead of phone lines. This is a big benefit for BPOs that make many international calls.

On top of being affordable, VoIP calls also have a clearer voice quality. A fast, stable internet connection with good bandwidth is all you need to improve your VoIP call quality.  

2. Increased Accessibility

Apart from cost-efficiency, accessibility is one of the biggest advantages of an IP-PBX system. A cloud-based VoIP lets you make and receive calls from anywhere. You only need to download an app so you can take your business phone with you everywhere.

This accessibility allows you to have a remote, flexible workforce, which is necessary during the pandemic. Your employees can work on whatever device they have – smartphones, tablets, laptops – and stay productive regardless of location.

3. Greater Scalability

Scalability is another advantage of an IP-PBX system. Many hardware-based phone systems require additional components to upgrade their functionality. With a VoIP solution, you can scale your operation without purchasing expensive hardware, phone lines, or extensions.

You can easily integrate new applications and software to add features to your phone system. This scalability allows you to accommodate spikes in demand during peak seasons. Opening a new branch also becomes easier with an IP-PBX phone system, especially with the increased accessibility.

4. Increased Security

Phone system security is a critical concern for BPOs, particularly those that handle personally identifiable information like social security numbers and driver’s license numbers.

VoIP mitigates security threats by leveraging IP technology, including encryption, firewalls, and intrusion prevention systems.

Securing your VoIP system means working with a trustworthy IP-PBX provider that does security audits and complete operating system updates to ensure that the network isn’t vulnerable to new threats.

Top IP-PBX Provider in the Philippines

Kital is one of the leading IP-PBX providers in the country, offering superior customer service and telecom solutions to businesses. We’ll point you to a system that suits your budget and business needs, making sure you enjoy significant savings in maintenance and operating costs.

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