Hosted PBX Solves Scalability Challenges in Small Businesses

More young professionals in the country are establishing their ventures. A study by PwC Philippines and QBO Innovation Hub found that there are over 300 startups in the country, most of which started operations between 2012 and 2017. It’s a strong indication of their confidence in the economy and business environment.

In fact, 86% of CEOs and founders carry a positive outlook for 2018. Sixty-one percent plan to expand to new territories — particularly outside the Philippines — in the next three to five years. Twenty-one percent plan to expand by acquiring related businesses.

As businesses grow, so do their need for efficient telecommunications solutions. You don’t want limited communication lines to hamper your business, after all. It’s wise to invest in a scalable telephony infrastructure — one that can adjust as your workforce diversifies.

A hosted PBX system answers this challenge up front. The superior scalability of a PBX phone system is perfect for small businesses that have plans for expansion.

Telecommunications Systems that Adapt to Your Growth

Should your business set up new offices, expand its departments, or hire more employees, a hosted PBX won’t compromise the communication features it offers. Our solutions can support extensions or added functionalities. They’re not limited to a fixed number of lines. So, as your company expands, you don’t have to replace your existing telecommunications system — you only need to expand it.

It also works the other way around. If you think your company needs fewer lines, your hosted PBX system can easily scale down to accommodate staffing changes. This way, you don’t have to pay for services you aren’t using.

Customized to New Telecommunication Needs

As your business grows, it faces greater telecommunication challenges. For instance, the calls your company receives could balloon from a few dozens to hundreds. A hosted PBX grants you the flexibility to add features that help your employees address these challenges.

Additionally, in a hosted PBX system, adding hardware and updating systems are done at the VoIP provider’s location. Your staff doesn’t have to monitor or update on-site infrastructure. This means less support expense and more time to focus on other important IT concerns.

Allows Your Business to Expand Geographically

A hosted PBX system allows clear, crisp communication, wherever your employees are. Our team sees to it that all the parts of your telephony infrastructure are up and running, even during a power outage.

Because your business has reliable a telecommunications system in place, your workforce will have more confidence in its ability to expand geographically. There are, for instance, several emerging businesses districts outside Metro Manila, notably Clark, Pampanga and Calabarzon.

Your business could also join the 61% who eye new offices outside the country.

Accommodate Remote Workers

If you’re planning to acquire more remote workers, a hosted PBX system will make the management of your remote team easier. It’s also ideal if your business frequently sends employees to remote locations, training programs, or conferences.

A hosted PBX system allows you to connect your employee’s mobile phones to the office. This enables them to access the company line without having to be physically in the office.

The scalability of a hosted PBX system is perfect for businesses that are eyeing expansion. Contact Kital today, and let’s discuss the telecommunications solutions your business needs.

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