Cloud Telephone Systems: The Future of Small Business Communications

Companies use computers for a wide range of purposes to keep operations running smoothly. From scheduling tasks and sending messages to facilitating employees’ salaries and storing all of the company’s data — computers have taken over an extensive list of tasks formerly done by other devices.

Despite the shift, business telephone systems continue to flourish. Traditional private branch exchange (PBX) telephone systems evolved and adapted with the technology. They continue to provide valuable communication services for small, medium, and large enterprises.

A reliable communications system is particularly important to small businesses. And thanks to new technology, small businesses have their pick of PBX systems. The introduction of Internet Protocol PBX or Voice over Internet Protocol-enabled systems and hosted or cloud-based PBX systems provide companies with more communication options. They can find one that fits their business operations better than traditional PBX technology.

What is a Cloud-Based Phone System?

A cloud-based phone system builds upon the traditional on-site PBX technology and VoIP-enabled, software-based systems that came before it. It stores and transfers the voice and data it collects on an off-site server. These data are then accessible via the internet from virtually anywhere. As such, businesses are not required to keep any telecommunications hardware or equipment on site, apart from the phone handset.

The cloud PBX system lets businesses enjoy the benefits of standard cloud-based functions, such as delivering calls over the internet and routing inbound calls. At the same time, it gives companies access to an extensive array of traditional VoIP features like call forwarding, call recording, hold music, conference calling, and more.

Unique Features of Hosted PBX Systems

The online nature of cloud-hosted PBX systems allows it to offer unique and more advanced features like web phone capabilities and customer relationship management (CRM) software integration.

Web phones are browser-based applications. Small businesses can use it to make voice and video calls via any web browser. Employees can use their phones or home computers to make secure calls from anywhere with a steady internet connection.

Some cloud telecommunication systems can be integrated with CRM software. Businesses can log their calls and keep track of interactions with customers. CRM integration can help streamline the storage, access, and organization of client information, as well. This, in turn, frees up more time and resources that can be diverted to more productive endeavors.

Automated attendants are another feature available through cloud-hosted telephone systems. Computerized or recorded automated messages are one way to make a professional impression over the phone, especially towards first-time callers.

The Ideal Phone Solution for Growing Small Businesses

More small businesses are switching to cloud-based communication thanks to its flexibility and cost-efficiency. Although cloud PBX systems may have higher upfront costs, its monthly fees are more reasonable. It also has the added advantage of not needing any in-house personnel to maintain servers. The system provider will handle the day-to-day upkeep.

Cloud-based telecommunication systems are more scalable, as well. Fast-growing small businesses will have no problems adapting the system to their growing employee numbers. Scaling a cloud PBX system is only a matter of logging in the software and adding a new user.

Moreover, cloud-based phone systems are highly portable. Small businesses that are expanding or moving to a new office won’t have to worry about moving large system-specific hardware. Many systems also offer web or mobile compatibility which helps prevent communication downtime during changeovers.

Cloud-based PBX telephone systems’ ease of use, fast deployment, scalability, portability, and reasonable costs make it a perfect telecommunication solution for fast-growing small businesses. Contact Kital today for professional help with your office telecommunication system.

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