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PBX Systems: An Essential Component of Seamless Hotelier Communication

Every industry faces disruption from technology. The rapid adoption of smartphones has increased the dependence on app-based services, for instance.

Businesses that want to stay on the leading edge of telecommunications should warm up to unified communications — a framework that integrates various instant messaging platforms and other real-time communication tools — to boost overall business productivity and collaboration.

While you may face various communication challenges, we can show you how you can improve communication and customer services in your hotel by moving your phone systems to the cloud.

The Rise of Multi-cloud Adoption in the PH

A recent report from the F5 Network’s “The State of Application Delivery 2018” states that there is a growing trend among local organizations in the country toward a multi-cloud shift to deploy or access services.

The findings show that 9 out of 10 respondents use multiple clouds for application deployment. Of the survey’s global respondents, 49 percent are moving to deliver their apps from the public cloud, while 7 percent work with two or more cloud providers.

The Philippines is also embracing cloud adoption, but it has primarily taken place in the IT sector. Since interconnectedness is one of the defining features of the hospitality industry, hoteliers will have to upgrade their communications systems to provide customers with technology-rich and engaging experiences.

Customizing Hotel Experiences for Guests

Good communication is at the heart of every successful hotel. The Internet of Things is moving the world toward a decentralized network system that connects more people. As an IP PBX vendor, our goal is to connect your guests with their devices as well as your services.

By incorporating PBX/PABX systems into your establishment, you can deliver customized solutions and keep up with seasonal fluctuations in occupancy and changing guest expectations. In turn, you’ll be able to streamline the following processes:

  • Automated call monitoring – Minimize the manual monitoring of incoming and outgoing calls at your hotel and save money. Automated call monitoring gives you better access to feedback and call logs.
  • Responsive auto-attendants – With an auto-receptionist, you can reduce voicemails, avoid missed opportunities, and address customer queries right away.
  • Enhanced call routing – Integrate your entire hotel into a single-call directory and achieve seamless, internal transfers between locations. This way, you can minimize the search for direct answers to customer queries and transfer requests instantly to your nearest partner location.
  • Better scalability – As your business grows and you add more locations, it can be a challenge expanding your phone lines. Hosted PBX systems make this easier since it is flexible enough to support the addition of branches.

Hassle-free Property Management System Integration

Hotels with a good property management system (PMS) make it convenient to track reservations, as well as check-ins and check-outs. A PMS can also speed up room requests, cleaning efforts, and more.

Integrating your PMS with a PBX system entails putting all your communications technology into a single stack and streamlining your essential operations. In turn, you can reduce manpower and enhance customer experience.

We offer PBX systems that seamlessly integrate into your existing PMS system. Avoid the high costs involved in maintaining dated infrastructure, and save money, time, and manpower with more efficient communications.

Kital provides innovative telecommunication solutions to businesses and government agencies in the Philippines. We customize our services so you can run your company smoothly and keep your team productive and efficient.

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