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An Updated Phone System Can Help SMBs Compete with Big Players

Small businesses operating on a lean budget may find it difficult to convince clients and potential investors of their capabilities. Size matters in business. In order to bring in the business, you need to scale. It makes sense to look bigger than you are.

Adopting voice over IP phone systems can help level the playing field. Updating an obsolete phone system is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to build a professional and credible image.

At Kital, we create customized telecommunication solutions that suit our clients’ needs and budget.

A Small Price to Look Big

The truth is, the upfront cost for a VoIP system is higher than a traditional PBX. But, as it allows cheap or free calls, you can enjoy more savings down the road. Given the benefits your small business will gain from integrating VoIP, the capital expense is a small price to pay.

VoIP service also comes with an auto-receptionist and features including call recording, screening, video calls, and conference calls. It allows a tight integration with calendar and email, among other productivity apps, which can help streamline work processes that in turn demonstrate professionalism.

Here are other VoIP features that help your business look bigger, and therefore more stable and reliable:

Digital Receptionist Features

VoIP also allows the integration of voice prompts. When customers call the business owner (in this case, let’s call him John), they hear options such as: “Press 1 to make an appointment. Press 2 to speak with John.”

Say John is the only person who runs the company, the call goes to his phone or computer in both cases. But through a voice recording that mimics the function of an interactive voice response (IVR) system, customers get the impression that a more established company actually exists.

Custom Phone Number Creation

For businesses with multiple locations, VoIP also allows the creation of custom phone numbers for different areas. This capability enables businesses to look local when they operate remotely. VoIP features vary depending on the providers, but most systems offer a phone greeting, call forwarding, and extensions with individual voicemail boxes.

Compatibility with Other Apps

VoIP allows integration with productivity apps and social media platforms including LinkedIn and Twitter. This allows small companies with small budgets to adopt communications capabilities that are generally associated with big enterprises. For example, VoIP allows a click-to-call functionality from chat, email, and calendar and it makes document collaboration tools available.

Disaster Management Features

A disaster can leave the traditional phone line down for hours or days, and in a highly competitive industry, the inability to stay available 24/7 means lost opportunities. VoIP solutions allow you to route calls to your mobile phone, giving your business an appearance of stability, given its capacity to operate in the wake of a disaster.

How to Choose Your Phone System

Your choice of phone system will always come with a set of pros and cons. Before you say yes to a Zycoo phone or other phone systems, know whether it will increase profitability, improve productivity, or reduce operational costs.

Since there are plenty of phone systems in the market, finding a system that suits your needs and budget will prove to be a challenge. Consider the benefits and drawbacks of each system, especially if it can support your long-term growth.

Once you’ve set your eyes on a system, ask the following questions to be sure:

  • Is your phone system easy to use?
  • Can its features support my business’ needs?
  • Can you customize and add extensions to support its future needs?

Kital can give your small business the voice it needs to level the playing field. Whether you need PBX telephone systems, hosted PBX, or hybrid communication systems, count on us to customize a solution that helps you fortify your authority in front of potential clients, investors, and business partners.

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