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Command Centers: What is a Command Center, Its Importance and Best Practices

When protecting an organization from various physical threats, it is vital to stay in control at all times. Command center solutions allow security professionals to monitor and respond to threats immediately, thus allowing them to avoid major incidents.

If you have already installed security measures in your facility, you can drastically improve security with a command center.

What is a Command Center and Why is it Important?

A command center is a location in an office or facility where personnel monitor, coordinate, and provide orders. This is where decision making is made during crises or emergency situations.

Security command centers are equipped with data processing technology that allows security personnel to monitor and control various security equipment and systems, such as CCTV solutions. As such, it has access and control over information systems and access points.

The command center also serves as a communication hub between security personnel and with law enforcement officers and other authorities should they be needed.

Overall, the command center is a critical point for an organization’s security.

The importance of a command center in an organization’s security cannot be overstated. It is the key to comprehensive monitoring and management of security systems. Without it, security personnel would have difficulties responding to emergency situations.

More importantly, a command center encourages an entire organization to be proactive in keeping the premises secure. They help avoid incidents that could go unnoticed by people on the ground and efficiently spread alerts or information regarding threats.

A command center can help organizations enhance their physical security and cybersecurity by allowing them to have constant visibility and efficient decision-making and communication. These rooms play a crucial part in keeping organizations – their people and assets – safe.

Command Center Best Practices

Given the key role of command centers in an organization’s security, it’s not enough to simply add all the security equipment there. There must be a strategy to ensure the effective and efficient implementation of security measures in your organization.

cctcv cameras

1. Understand Your Security Needs

The key to a successful command center is effective planning. Make sure that you assess your risks and vulnerabilities and the corresponding types of security measures your organization needs. This process should allow you to pinpoint your key concerns.

Taking the time to understand your security needs allows you to choose the right equipment and execute the appropriate strategy. For example, considering the size of your facility, you can plan how many desks, monitors, and staff you’ll need.

Furthermore, you can avoid overwhelming your command center and save resources with proper planning.

2. Establish Procedures for Daily Operations and Incident Responses

A consistent theme in physical security tips for businesses is having a plan in place. Procedures guide employees and security personnel through their daily operations and various incidents, which is why it is important to establish procedures for your command center.

The security team should be aware of the security procedures all employees are required to follow, such as where are the critical areas and which employees are allowed to enter certain restricted areas. This way, they know which areas are most important and can easily tell when a breach occurs.

Of course, security personnel need a set of procedures to follow in case of an incident or emergency. While no two incidents are the same, procedures provide a framework that can adapt to different situations.

Having a plan for different scenarios makes it possible for your security team to respond faster.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should train your security team regularly to keep the procedures fresh in their minds.

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3. Equip Your Command Center with Technology

A command center needs access to CCTV solutions and to communicate internally and externally. So, it needs computer stations, video wall screens, processors, communication infrastructure, control systems, audio-visual racks, as well as electrical and cable management.

The equipment in a command center supplements those implemented throughout the facility. High-quality display technology, processors, and control systems help ensure that a security system is always running and can provide the necessary information in the event of an incident.

The command center must be designed for optimal operations, incorporating the latest technology to empower your security team to execute their roles efficiently.

4. Implement Smart Monitoring

Humans have limited attention spans and multitasking abilities so it would be detrimental to expect them to monitor multiple monitors for extended periods. Organizations need to optimize their procedures, such as by prioritizing showing the video feed of critical spots.

Security teams can identify these critical spots by requiring the staff to take notes of their observations while monitoring CCTV footage which can be analyzed to discover patterns of activities and potential crimes.

Another solution is implementing smart solutions like the Dahua Thermal Camera which incorporates temperature detection, face detection, intrusion detection, and people counting, so personnel only need to look at one video feed to monitor different security concerns.

comman center

5. Keep the Command Center Ergonomic

Security personnel often work long hours to keep your organization protected 24/7. It is a difficult job with heavy responsibilities so it’s important for organizations to help them make it tolerable with a conducive workplace.

Since command center personnel need to sit for hours, an ergonomic arrangement can be extremely beneficial. Having a comfortable seat, ergonomic desks, proper lighting, and a quiet environment can allow them to focus better on monitoring CCTV footage, and thus, respond efficiently to incidents.

Command Center Solutions from Kital

A command center is the core of a strong security. You can implement these best practices to strengthen your organization’s overall security by equipping your command center with high-quality solutions from Kital.

Don’t hesitate to hit us up to learn more about our products and services.

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