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Breaking Down Digicon 2023 in the Philippines

The integration of technology and business has been a rising trend in the Philippines. With the promise of productivity and efficiency for both corporations and their consumers, businesses look to technology for innovation.

With Kital leading as the preferred telecom solutions provider, our continuous goal is to provide organizations with systems that can aid their business operations. Whether it’s through networks, systems, or communication solutions, our technology guarantees an increase in your organization’s productivity.

As we strive to continuously be at the forefront of digital transformation, Kital, along with other organizations, have supported PLDT Enterprise as they host this year’s 2023 Philippine Digicon to share the latest technological innovations and contribute to the digitization initiative of the country.

At this year’s Philippine Digicon, the theme reflects the collective vision of PLDT and their partners, which is for the country to become a Digital Hub in Asia. The conclusion of the event illuminated the path toward this tech-driven future, emphasizing collaboration, innovation, and leadership as its driving forces.

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Learning from the Past, Looking to the Future, and Love in the Time of A.I.

The event started with PLDT and Smart’s top leaders expressing the country’s ambition to be at the head of digital transformation, which underscored the importance of partnerships and synergy among various sectors to realize this vision.

Currently, the Philippines remains at the 13th rank of the World’s Digital Competitiveness Ranking 2022 among the 14 nations in the Asia Pacific. This means that in terms of the Filipino citizen’s adoption of digital practices and local companies’ progress in terms of digital transformation, the country is behind. Fortunately, with the initiatives of organizations nationwide, the country develops slowly but surely, moving two ranks up on a global scale.

The placement of the country in the digital competitiveness ranking further supports PLDT’s position regarding the importance of collaboration for a digital revolution. Through the Digicon event, they encouraged the partnership of all forms of organizations, including educational institutions and start-ups to advocate for digital inclusivity. This collaboration forms a strong network dedicated to transformation and promises continuous innovation—echoing the theme of “VISION: Reimagine Tomorrow’s Enterprise.”  

PLDT and Smart’s top leaders at Digicon 2023 championed this vision and shared the company’s path by citing a roadmap forged through invaluable lessons from past years. After all, PLDT is dedicated to delivering customized client experiences through proactive listening to customer feedback. Therefore, PLDT’s future assures the introduction of digital services that enhance operational efficiencies and deliver heightened satisfaction.

At the event, the power of digital technology and its far-reaching capabilities in creativity was highlighted through a demonstration with singer Rico Blanco and RHODA, a virtual assistant. On the spot, RHODA wrote lyrics for the audience-suggested song, “Love in the time of AI,” which Rico then put together with a composed melody and sang to the audience. This performance emphasized the opportunities of artificial intelligence and its possible implications for overall business activities and sustainability.


A Digital Philippines: Connecting the Filipino People via ePPC

An exciting announcement made at the event was the unveiling of ePLDT Pilipinas Cloud (ePPC), marking a significant milestone for the Philippines. ePLDT, the ICT subsidiary of PLDT, is the first corporation in the Philippines to offer a sovereign cloud. This involves securely hosting government data and applications in a protected cloud environment. Victor S. Genuino, ePLDT President and CEO, expressed his assurance in deploying and overseeing the management of the cloud, aligning its implementation with global standards.

With the support of Secretary Ivan John Uy of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), he further emphasized the government’s commitment to a Digital Philippines. He highlighted the focus on digital inclusion and citizen-centric innovation through the government’s efforts by expanding connectivity across the country and the implementation of systems like the ePPC. These initiatives are in hopes of reducing the digital divide among Filipinos, connecting organizations and people throughout the nation.


Discussions on Digitalization and More

As for PH Digicon 2023’s other plenary sessions, it featured a discussion led by Jojo G. Gendrano, the Chief Technology Officer of PLDT. This panel was composed of industry leaders including Cisco, Nokia, and Huawei, discussing strategies for the country’s swift transformation into becoming a digital nation. The panel highlighted one overarching theme: The importance and impact of visionaries on technological advancements.

Aside from the forums, the event’s Digi Grounds provided delegates with activations from sponsors like Kital, Samsung, ZTE Corporation, Google Cloud, and others. This hands-on engagement allowed participants to connect with cutting-edge demos and explore the latest technologies.

Kital Philippines: Transforming Communications and Collaboration Systems for Your Business

As the PH Digicon 2023 concludes, the drive for digital technology’s growth and development is highlighted to be the future of business. The event encapsulated the collaborative spirit driving the Philippines toward digital transformation and endorsed a collective determination for a future that harmonizes technology and innovation—fostering a digitally-powered future.

As technology continues to evolve, tech-forward pioneers guide the nation toward a promising digital tomorrow. And with Kital’s services, we offer your company’s technological advancement through our innovative solutions. Let us help you take the first step to digital transformation, paving the way for a more productive and digitized future. To learn more about our services, get in touch with us today.

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