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Jabra Sound Solutions: 3 Office Challenges They Address

In the last couple of years, many companies have switched to open office plans, thinking that the lack of barriers can improve workplace collaboration. But once it was put into practice, the open office design only caused frustration among employees.

The lack of cubicles creates a noisy workplace, making it difficult for employees to focus on their tasks. Employers have tried various solutions to maintain workplace productivity – dedicated quiet areas and call rooms, codes of conduct, and sound-absorbing materials. Despite their efforts, employees still hate the open office design.

Jabra, a leading provider of audio technologies to workplaces around the globe, offers a solution. Through powerful sound solutions, employees can improve their performance and productivity. Official Jabra resellers also offer other audio technologies that address various challenges in the office.

Below are some workplace problems that can be remedied through Jabra sound solutions.

Disruptive Workplace Distractions

Interruptions pull employees’ attention away from their work, making it hard to stay productive. According to Udemy’s 2018 Workplace Distraction Report, chatty coworkers and office noise are the top disruptors, at 80 and 70 percent, respectively.

Eighty-four percent of the study participants say that it takes them half an hour to recover their groove and get back to work. They aren’t performing as optimally as they should.

Jabra has a line of noise-canceling headsets that allow workers to block out distracting office sounds. A study by FlexJobs shows that employees can focus more on their work by wearing headphones, increasing their productivity.

These headsets give employees some semblance of personal space and privacy in an open office. When other people see someone wearing a headset, they can take it as a sign that the person isn’t available for a conversation.

Audio Quality of Contact Centers

Call quality is more important than you think, especially for client-facing employees. Low audio quality can negatively impact your customer experience. Customers can get frustrated with communicating with you, regardless if they enjoy your products or services. You may lose potential buyers or loyal customers this way.

Jabra offers wireless earbuds with noise-reducing microphones. These mics don’t pick up as much external noise, ensuring your clear audio output on the receiving end. Your customer will be able to hear you properly, helping you close sales faster. 

Another great thing about Jabra earphones and headsets is that they’re compatible with desk phones, smartphones, and desktops. Your customer service representatives can use the earbuds on any device, giving them more work mobility. 

Awkward Remote Video Conferences 

The pandemic forced many companies to launch remote work arrangements quickly. With employees working from their own homes, there is a wealth of issues that can slow down their productivity: unreliable internet connection, low-quality calls, and too much background noise, among others.

These tech problems result in awkward video conferences that can significantly derail business operations. Bad call quality takes up time that can be used for more meaningful tasks, decreasing the company’s overall productivity. Miscommunication may occur more frequently during choppy video conferences, which can seriously undermine the company’s work.

Jabra’s noise-canceling feature helps improve the quality of remote conference calls. The noise-reducing earbuds allow employees to participate even with a lot of background sounds in their place. And since the earphones are wireless, workers can listen in on announcements while they’re doing chores at home.

Jabra engineers audio technologies to transform the way you work, helping you evolve according to your changing business needs. Make sure to get your Jabra items only from official resellers to ensure their authenticity.

Official Jabra Reseller in the Philippines

Kital has partnered with Jabra to provide different industries with robust sound solutions that meet their business needs and address challenges. We offer Jabra products for different office setups, whether your workforce is currently on-site or working remotely. Whichever device you choose, you’ll enjoy first-grade call quality and unmatched portability.

Contact us today to learn more about our Jabra sound solutions.

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