Benefits of Penetration Testing: Why You Need to Do It

As the Philippines continues to develop its economy, businesses are starting to see the importance of security. One way to ensure the safety of a business’s data is through penetration testing.

Penetration testing, also known as pen-testing or ethical hacking, is the process of simulating a cyber-attack on a business’s network to find vulnerabilities in the system.

Here are some of the penetration testing advantages you need to know about.

How Penetration Testing Works

Penetration tests, or pen tests, can be divided into two main types: black box testing and white box testing. Black box testing is when the tester has no knowledge of the system beforehand, while white box testing is when the tester has complete knowledge of the system.

Automated penetration testing tools are also available. These tools are designed to scan a system for known vulnerabilities and then report the findings.

Penetration testing can be beneficial for businesses of all sizes. If you’re considering penetration testing for your business, here are some of the benefits of penetration testing you can expect.

Benefits of Penetration Testing Tools

penetration testing

1. Improved security posture

As anyone in the IT security field knows, keeping your systems safe from hackers is a never-ending battle. There are always new vulnerabilities to worry about, and no matter how much effort you put into securing your systems, there’s always the possibility that something could slip through the cracks. That’s where penetration testing comes in.

By hiring someone to test your system for vulnerabilities, you can identify potential weak spots before they’re exploited by malicious actors. And by taking action to fix these vulnerabilities, you can make your system stronger and better equipped to withstand attacks.

2. Obtain an outside perspective

When it comes to cybersecurity for businesses, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. One way to do this is by conducting penetration tests on your system. This type of testing can help you identify weaknesses that you may not have been aware of. By getting an outside perspective, you can be sure that your system is as secure as possible. This is especially important in today’s landscape, where new threats are constantly emerging.

3. Deployment of defense in depth security mechanisms

Penetration testing is an important security measure that can help you deploy defense in depth security mechanisms. By testing your system for vulnerabilities, you can find and fix weak spots before they’re exploited by attackers.

In addition, penetration testing can help you determine what security measures are most effective against specific types of attacks. This helps you be better prepared to handle an attack if one does occur, and you’ll be able to respond quickly to mitigate the damage.

4. Meet compliance requirements

As any business owner knows, compliance with industry regulations is essential to operating a successful company. Not only can failure to meet these standards lead to hefty fines, but it can also damage your reputation and jeopardize your relationship with customers.

Penetration testing is a valuable tool that can help you ensure that your system meets all the necessary security requirements, such as those set by the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

5. Improved awareness among employees

While penetration testing can be an important part of protecting a company’s assets, it can also help improve awareness among employees. When you make your staff aware of these potential threats, they’ll be more likely to spot suspicious behavior and respond quickly if an attack does occur.

6. Better ROI on security investments

On top of simply improving your security posture, penetration testing can also help you get a better return on investment from your security investments. By identifying and fixing vulnerabilities quickly, you’ll be able to reduce downtime and minimize the impact of cyberattacks.

7. Peace of mind

When you understand where your system is vulnerable, you can take steps to shore up its defenses. This in turn gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your system is secure and prepared to handle any potential threats.

8. Extra layer of protection

While no system is ever 100% secure, security penetration testing tools can help to dramatically reduce the risk of a successful attack. By simulating real-world attacks, penetration testers can identify weaknesses in your system before an attacker has a chance to exploit them.

In addition, penetration testers can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of your current security measures. When you constantly test and improve your system, you can make it more difficult for attackers to succeed.

Disadvantages of Penetration Testing

Penetration testing also has its downside. Here are some things to consider.

penetration testing

1. Cost

Penetration testing can be a costly endeavor, depending on the complexity of your system and how comprehensive you want the tests to be.

2. Time commitment

Conducting penetration tests involves significant time and effort, which can be especially demanding for small businesses with limited resources.

3. False positives

It’s possible for penetration tests to return false positives, which can lead to unnecessary changes and course corrections that could have been avoided.

4. False sense of security

Penetration testing is not a one-time solution; it should be done regularly in order to ensure maximum security. Failure to do so can give a false sense of security.

5. Insufficient testing

Penetration tests can be limited in scope and may not cover all potential vulnerabilities. This means that some threats may go undetected, leaving your system vulnerable to attack.

Penetration testing provides many benefits for businesses, including improved security posture, early detection of potential threats, and the obtainment of an outside perspective. However, it can seem like a steep cost for some. If you’re considering penetration testing for your business, keep these advantages and disadvantages in mind.

When it comes to security, there’s no such thing as being too cautious. That’s why at Kital Philippines, we carry the latest in penetration testing tools. By simulating real-world attacks, our tools can help identify vulnerabilities in your system before they can be exploited. We’ll work with you to assess your security needs and determine the best course of action to keep your business safe.

Talk to us today about how we can help you secure your business.

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