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Microsoft Teams Direct Routing with Microsoft-Certified Oracle Session Border Controllers

As Microsoft calling plans are only available in certain countries, your organization might not be able to use Microsoft Teams to its full potential if those calling plans aren’t available to you or to the whole of your organization.

You can solve this with Direct Routing. But you will need a Microsoft-certified session border controller (SBC).

Kital brings you Microsoft-certified Oracle SBCs so you can utilize Direct Routing and use Microsoft Teams from anywhere in the world. Improve worker productivity, increase network functionality, and gain a unified work hub for your employees, connecting them from anywhere.

microsoft teams direct routing carrier model

A Complete, Convenient, Versatile, Cloud-Based Work Space

Microsoft Teams is an application that serves a work space for your team. It allows you to chat and edit files at the same time. It is customizable with notes, websites, and other applications. And because it’s cloud-based software, your team can access it from anywhere.

However, Microsoft calling plans are only available in certain countries across the globe. This is a problem for organizations that just don’t have those calling plans in their country or international organizations with locations that aren’t in those countries.

You can solve this with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. Direct Routing allows enterprises to connect their own telephony services to Microsoft Teams. This requires Office 365, which you can get from Microsoft, and a Microsoft-certified SBC.

oracle microsoft teams

Oracle is a partner of Microsoft and provides Microsoft-certified SBCs, allowing you to utilize Direct Routing. This lets you use phone system features that are built into Microsoft Teams, control your inbound numbers, and choose your own calling plans.

Get an SBC that will:

  • Allow you to use Microsoft Teams Direct Routing
  • Enable your business to use any communication applications or services
  • Keep your business’s communication networks safe from cyber attacks
  • Lower expenditure on calls with least cost routing and codec negotiation

You can also improve your experience with Microsoft Teams and Office 365 through an Oracle engineered software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN). It works with Office 365 to improve user experience and reduce latency. And for Microsoft Teams, it ensures quality and stability during voice and video calls.

On its own, Oracle SD-Wan will give your business easier WAN management, increase network capacity, and better connect your employees to cloud-based applications. With this, you will improve productivity, improve user quality of experience, and accelerate business initiatives and digital transformations.

oracle direct routing

Features and Benefits

Increased Functionality

An Oracle SBC and SD-WAN will provide your business with increased functionality. Even disregarding the use of Microsoft Teams, an Oracle SBC can be used to unify disparate communication works into an integrated system, centralizing communication. And an Oracle SD-WAN gives you better WAN management and network capabilities.

Increased Productivity

With an Oracle SBC and SD-WAN, workers will have better quality voice and video calls. They will also have better access to software-based apps. You will be able to increase worker productivity, communication, and collaboration.


Oracle SBCs have least cost routing and codec negotiation features. Least cost routing lets you make and receive calls through the network with the lowest rates for each call, lowering expenditure on calls. Codec negotiation ensures less missed or dropped calls and better call quality.

Improved Security

Cyber attacks like toll fraud or PBX hacking can potentially result in significant losses for your company. You can protect your communication network with an Oracle SBC, which will regulate and protect IP traffic while apply real-time security.

Find Oracle Products at Kital

Oracles products and services help businesses with solutions to data storage, network management, analytics, servers, and more. They offer cloud infrastructure, cloud applications, database technology, integrated communication services, and other products.

Through their SBCs and their SD-WAN, they provide businesses with unified communication solutions that increase network functionality, convenience, and worker productivity.

Kital is a leading provider of telecommunication solutions in the Philippines. Let Kital set you up with an Oracle communication system complete with security features, reliable call quality, and cost-saving functions so your business will thrive and meet all of its telecommunication needs.

Complete, Comprehensive Telecommunication Systems

Through Kital, your business will enjoy the benefits of highly-effective, feature-rich, secure systems. Keep business operations running and worker productivity and efficiency high with the Oracle SBC and SD-WAN. Utilize Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and give workers a comprehensive, versatile, digital work space.

Let us help you empower your business.


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