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What is a Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack and How Can I Prevent it?

One of the many ways cybercriminals harass businesses is through Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks and Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Attacks. While DOS and DDOS attacks cannot steal sensitive information, they can disrupt online services and be used to extort business owners, making them a considerable threat to Philippine businesses. In this article, we’ll define what is a


What is a Ransomware Attack and How to Protect Your Business from it

The Philippines is no stranger to cyber threats. However, as the country embraces technology further, ransomware has emerged as a pervasive and damaging cyber threat for businesses and individuals alike. As a business, you have the responsibility to implement cybersecurity best practices not only to protect your data assets but also those of your customers.

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10 Benefits of Using Cloud Storage for Philippine Business

Cloud storage is a revolutionary solution that has transformed the landscape of data management and cybersecurity. It has empowered businesses to manage data effectively and protect themselves from cybercrime. You don’t need to be a large corporation to benefit from cloud storage – businesses of all sizes can better navigate this digitally driven world with

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How to Protect Against Data Breaches

With the development of technology worldwide—where data is used as a currency and a commodity, the risk of data breaches increases. Just last October 2023, there were two data breaches within Philhealth and the PSA due to relentless hackers––further proving the need for strong cybersecurity. So, since businesses are entrusted with vast amounts of sensitive

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How to Protect Against Phishing Attacks

With the increasing reliance of businesses on technology, the threat of phishing attacks looms large. These cyber threats have the potential to compromise sensitive data, disrupt operations, and inflict financial losses—which is why learning how to protect from phishing attacks is imperative for business operations. In this blog, we explore all about phishing and how


Breaking Down Digicon 2023 in the Philippines

The integration of technology and business has been a rising trend in the Philippines. With the promise of productivity and efficiency for both corporations and their consumers, businesses look to technology for innovation. With Kital leading as the preferred telecom solutions provider, our continuous goal is to provide organizations with systems that can aid their


Kital is an innovative telecom, IP Telephony, and customized solutions provider to small-to-medium-sized businesses and large enterprises in the Philippines.

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