The EnerJet™

EnerJet™ is an innovative dermal remodelling system which uses kinetic energy and an active compound for effective non-surgical soft face lifting, scar remodeling and dermal-thickening.

EnerJet''s treatments revitalized aged and damaged skin. It gives emmediate visible results as well as long lasting effects. The treatment have been proven safe for all skin types and can be done all year round.

What I can expect from EnerJet™ treatment?

A smooth, young and healthy skin appearance. EnerJet™ is a safe, short and long-term kinetic skin remodeling treatment that reduces visible signs of aging and makes your skin appear younger. The procedure thickens and revitalizes your skin, leaving a smoother, rehydrated and rejuvenated appearance.

EnerJet™ is suitable for all skin types providing easy, safe treatment within the doctor''s clinic. The clinically-proven skin remodeling platform reverses the visible signs of aging and gives an immediate and visible effect.

The Jet Volumetric Remodeling™ technology introduces lateral dispersion of a dermal filler and mechanically augments tissue regeneration. Enerjet''s procedure tighten skin, increases skin thickness and lifts saggy facial structures.

EnerJet™ is new non-termal modality for aesthetic medicine that enables skin remodeling, lifts facial tissue, repairs scars, and provides a solution for hard-to-treat indication.


  • No burns, no thermal damage
  • Immediate volumetric impact
  • Visible and long lasting structural effect
  • MInimal number of treatments



For more videos about Enerjet, visit the PerfAction''s Youtube page linked below: