Sharplight's FORMAX™

A range of professional applications for the growing aesthetic and anti-aging markets.

The Formax™ is an advanced aesthetic work station for multiple treatments that employs unique IPL Dynamic Pulse Control technology (DPC). Thermo-electric skin cooling, precise optical filtering and unique energy pulsing assure optimal treatment efficacy while maximizing patient safety and comfort.

Sharplight technologies is a leading innovator of advanced, non-invasive systems fir the medical aesthetic and cosmetic industries.

Sharplight™ is associated with AML group, a medical service provider that is one of the first private chains of aesthetic medical centers in the world.

This accumulated wealth of professional experience creates synergy, and gives Sharplight a unique understanding of client and practitioner needs, as well as a resource for continuing development.

Sharplight™ offers a complete business concept combining optimally specified systems, clinical and technical support and an exclusive toolkit that provides solutions to increase medical and beauty center revenues.

Technology DPC based pulsed light

System cooling Temperature security control (TSC)

Spot size 6.4 cm²

Repetition rate Average 3 seconds between pulses (0.33Hz)

Light source Xenon flashlamp

Skin cooling Peltier/Sapphire

Interface Color Screen

Dimensions (WxDxH) 56 x 42 x 105 cm | 22 x 16.5 x 41 in.

Weight 70 kg | 154 lb



Optimal results throughout the entire treatmment stages

Contact skin cooling maximize both safety and patient comfort 

Effective solution for all profiles

Cost effective without need for cold gel or analgesic cream

Safe and reliable

User friendly interface