• Maximum Safety & Efficacy
    Mistral uses OPT technology to enhance treatment safety and efficacy for all skin types.
  • Sensitive Care Handpiece
    Developed to enhance comfort, safety and efficacy for darker and sensitive skin types.
  • Broad Coverage
    Standard spot size of 12 cm2 treats large areas quickly while an optional XL spot size (18cm2)enables you to treat an entire back for hair removal in 10 minutes.
Acne Clearance Vascular Lesion Treatment
Psoriasis Care Pigmented Lesion Treatment
Skin Tightening Wrinkle Reduction
Skin Rejuvenation Hair Removal
Collagen Renewal

Mistral combines LHE® and computer-based technology to provide a sophisticated phototherapy solution.

Built with today’s demands in mind and an eye on tomorrow, Mistral delivers today’s popular applications and enables problemfree upgrades to keep your practice on the cutting edge of lightbased therapies. With a Windows CE platform, on-board patient database and intuitive computer interface, Mistral creates a safe and efficient working environment, streamlining the process, and delivering convenient and comfortable treatment sessions for you and your patients. Each application utilizes a completely different handpiece, colorcoded for quick and easy identification. The handpieces are lightweight and ergonomically designed for comfortable operation. In addition to the standard applications offered with other Radiancy systems, Mistral offers one of today’s most popular treatments, Skin Tightening. With LHE® Skin Tightening, patients receive a pain-free, natural lift without downtime or tell-tale signs.