ZYCOO CooFone Series VoIP Phones

The CooFone Series VoIP Phones provide reliable, cost-effective communications solutions. The ZYCOO IP telephony system is designed for SMEs, featuring zero-touch installation and modular design for easy installation, management, and maintenance.

A Cost-Effective Telephony Solution

Kital brings ZYCOO VoIP phones to the Philippines so that your business can benefit from this cost-effective, reliable solution.

Regular landline phones need to connect to a PBX box which routes calls to that specific device. PBXs provide a wide range of functions, but they’re expensive. Their added functionality can also be of little consequence depending on the size and nature of your business.

The solution for small and medium-sized businesses is VoIP phones. VoIP phones connect directly to the internet through ethernet cables, and your VoIP service provider routes the calls to your device. This means you are able to make free internal calls and reduce local call and international call expenditures.

Calls routed through high-speed, high-bandwidth digital networking also enjoy higher quality, and businesses are able to implement useful extra features into their workflow.

zycoo coofone series

Features and Benefits

Easy Installation and Maintenance

The CooFone Series includes VoIP phones that feature zero-touch installation, which means your device’s configurations are automatically set and require little input from IT personnel, and a modular design for easy maintenance.

Basic and Advanced Call Functions

The CooFone Series VoIP phones feature all the basic call features like call hold and call transfer as well as more advanced features like voicemail, phonebook, and 3-way conference functions.

Improved Productivity

All businesses need effective communication. ZYCOO’s IP telephony system is perfect for SMEs, giving them a reliable, secure way of making internal and external calls.

No Need for a PBX

You don’t need a PBX system to use the Coofone Series VoIP phones, just a reliable internet connection. If your business does grow to the point that you need a PBX system, your investment isn’t wasted as you can connect these VoIP phones to an IP-PBX for increased functionality.

ZYCOO CooFone Series H81 and H83 Specifications

The ZYCOO IP phone system is suitable for SMEs, and the CooFone Series is designed to provide a diverse range of functions. Common features include basic and advanced call functions, PoE, HD voice, noise estimation and reduction, echo cancellation, multi-language, and 3-way conference.

CooFone H81

Zycoo H81
  • 128×48 B&W dot matrix screen
  • 2 SIP accounts
  • Desktop/wall mount installation

CooFone H83

zycoo H83
  • 8 inch color LCD screen
  • 4 SIP accounts
  • Up to 28 DSS keys
  • Desktop installation

Industries Supported by the ZYCOO CooFone Series

The CooFone Series VoIP phones support a diverse range of industries. Any business will benefit from free internal calls and reduced expenditure on local and international calls. Here are some of the industries that benefit the most from it:

  • Healthcare: Quick, clear calls are extremely important to hospitals and clinics. Good communication can be the difference between success and failure in emergency situations.
  • Hospitality: Hotels benefit greatly from VoIP technology as staff constantly communicate with each other and takes calls from guests, making the most of the fact that they get free internal calls.
  • Education: Academic institutions typically have several departments and offices for different administrative tasks. The CooFone Series connects them by providing them with fast and clear communication.
  • Real Estate: Realtor offices receive many calls and will benefit from streamlined communication with their clients, helping them keep in touch and close deals. This is on top of the lowered expenditure on calls.

Get ZYCOO Products Through Kital

ZYCOO provides businesses with reliable, cost-effective, user-friendly unified communication solutions so they can meet their communication needs. Their products include IP-PBXs, IP audio products, VoIP gateways, VoIP phones, and more. They benefit a wide range of industries and are suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Kital brings the ZYCOO IP telephony system to the Philippines, so you can benefit from their solutions too. We will help you set up or upgrade your existing systems and help your business thrive.

When you choose ZYCOO through Kital, you choose to grow with one of the leading providers of telecom solutions in the Philippines.

Easy-to-Use Communication Systems Designed for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Find telecommunication solutions to suit your needs at Kital. Let us help set your business up with a ZYCOO IP telephony system and improve internal and external communication. Boost efficiency and productivity by getting in touch with us.

Let’s get started.


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