Xorcom Multi-Tenant PBX Provider in the Philippines

Multi-Tenant PBX Cloud Platforms by Xorcom

As an authorized Xorcom dealer, Kital offers you access to the Multi-Tenant IP-PBX Cloud Platform, which enables organizations to run a complete hosted PBX platform and manage multiple complete PBX instances. It’s designed to optimize your resource consumption, improve productivity, and allow seamless communication.

With this platform, you can host multiple tenants per server and add or remove tenants quickly. You may change resource and storage allocations. Tenant management becomes a breeze, and hosting options include both on-premise and cloud.


The Multi-Tenant IP-PBX solution is designed for two kinds of users: service providers and end-users.

Service Providers

  • Carriers
  • Multi-branch enterprises
  • Hosted PBX service providers


  • Users in various business environments, from SOHO to enterprise
  • Large enterprises with multiple divisions
  • Hospitality businesses, like hotels, motels, and resorts

Advantages of the Multi-Tenant IP-PBX Platform

This Xorcom solution unifies the phone systems of an office, call center, hotel, and other large-scale enterprises in a single platform. It provides businesses with easy to use communication systems — a must in today’s competitive business climate.

  • Simple Set-Up – The platform requires a fast and simple set-up. You can start operations quickly
  • Easy Management – Your team doesn’t need intensive training to master the platform. It’s intuitive and easy to understand.
  • Cost-Effective – Xorcom’s Multi-Tenant PBX requires minimal upfront investment and maintenance. It also runs on a postpaid-per-user basis.
  • Scalable – It grows with your business. It offers dependable service, whether you expand or scale down.
  • Robust Security Features – It has intrusion prevention measures, firewall, topology hiding, IP address limitation for phone and portal users, etc.

Service Providers Enjoy:

  • A scalable multi-tenant IP-PBX architecture
  • No licensing purchases
  • All updates and upgrades are included in the monthly cost
  • Professional distribution channel

For End-Users Enjoy:

  • Powerful, enterprise-grade telephony
  • 24/7 remote access
  • Simple set-up that doesn’t need IT expertise
  • Home office or remote work extensions
  • No equipment investment
  • Centralized service for multi-branch enterprise


Xorcom offers software apps that expand the capabilities of your phone systems.

Call statistics reports

Real-time performance display

Hotel PMS interface

Softphone application

Real-time web operator console

Get Xorcom Solutions from Kital

Get Xorcom’s Multi-Tenant PBX Platform from Kital, an authorized Xorcom dealer in the Philippines. We have been supplying high-tech connectivity solutions for small, medium, and large enterprises in the country, like call centers, hotels, and more.

As a trusted vendor, we provide robust technical support for the Multi-Tenant PBX. Our experts help you make the most of your Xorcom solutions quickly. We designed a streamlined procurement process, so you can easily obtain the devices your enterprise needs.

    Invest in a Xorcom Multi-Tenant PBX Platform

    Get in touch with Kital for solutions that facilitate high-performing enterprise communications. If you have specific connectivity requirements, our team will recommend a Xorcom solution for you.


    Kital is an innovative telecom, IP Telephony, and customized solutions provider to small-to-medium-sized businesses and large enterprises in the Philippines.

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