The AdvanceIP is a business communication platform that combines IP-based telephony and IP voice capabilities with an integrated array of technologies: analog, digital, LAN/WAN, wireless, a host of call processing features and voice, data and CTI applications.

The AdvanceIP system comes in two basic, functionally identical, hardware platforms -AdvanceIP 400 and AdvanceIP 1000- from which the right solution for the size and operation demands of your enterprise can be tailored.

AdvanceIP systems enable connecting IP extensions together, regardless of where they are located in the world, reducing costs and leveraging the capabilities of every enterprise. System expansion is implemented at the enterprise''s pace, allowing modular growth and protecting the customer''s investment.

The AdvanceIP connects directly to the enterprise LAN and devices connected to an Ethernet port  or to a PSTN line with access to internet services at users'' homes, in remote branch offices, in hotels, etc.

Several AdvanceIP systems can be networked over SIP lines, easily connecting Avanti digital and IP telephones through the Internet or a Wide Area Network (WAN). The Avanti stations behave as though they were connected to the AdvanceIP system on site. IP networked systems share all the system''s functionality, including system speed dials, Busy Lamp Fields, extension numbering, messaging and more.

Functionally, all the extensions of the AdvanceIP system network operate seamlessly as if they were all in one location. Whether it be through a LAN, WAN, the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), or a combination thereof, multiple locations interact transparently in full concert.

A world of options
Need some new phones? Choose from a large variety of options including our high-end mainstream Avanti line of stations which come in either TDM or IP flavors, or even use a soft phone, installed on your laptop, to connect to the system from your home, a hotel, an airport or anywhere with a dialup connection.

As a solution for messaging we offer the emaGEN: an advanced voice and unified messaging system. An integral "on-board" option of AdvanceIP, available in a large range of sizes and feature sets, emaGEN enables you to get your voicemail and faxes forwarded directly into your email account, so that you only have to check your messages once.

Travelling unexpectedly and forgot to forward your calls?  As a true converged platform AdvanceIP is remotely configurable. Using a web portal, you can easily manage your account even when you are away, an ideal option for users and administrators alike.

* AdvanceIP is constantly being developed. Some features may only be available in future releases. Please check with your local reseller for availability.