1. The system does not turn on (Numbers are not shown on the display and the lights are off)

a. The "On/Off" switch on the front panel of the system is in the Off position - Toggle the "On/Off" switch to the On position

b. Energy disconnected - Toggle the "On/Off" switch to the Off position. Check that the energy cable is plugged into the electrical outlet and connected to the main unit energy inlet.

c. The Emergency Stop button is pushed - Turn towards the right, in the direction of the arrows

d. Blown fuse - Check the fuse inside the fuse drawer. Replace the fuse if blown.


2.  The system starts but the system''''''''s cooling unit has not turned on

a. The footswitch has not been pressed to activate the system''''''''s cooling unit - Press the footswitch to activate the system''''''''s cooling unit

b. The footswitch is not connected or is connected incorrectly - Connect the footswitch


3. The cooling switch was on but later stopped working

a. The footswitch was not pressed for the past 60 seconds - Press the footswitch to start the system again


4. The "Ready" beep is not heard when the system is ready

  a. The "Mute" switch on the LCD screen is On - Press the "Mute" button to turn it Off


5. A pulse is not triggered when pressing on one of the handpiece pulse switches

a. The footswitch was not pressed - Simultaneously press the footswitch and one of the handpiece pulse switches

b. The main unit has not completed the recharging cycle - Wait for the Ready indicator to be activated on the LCD screen

c. On of the handpeice pulse switches was pressed down before pressing the footswitch - Release the pulse switchon the handpiece. Then simultaneously press and hold the footswitch and one of the the handpiece pulse switches

d. The handpiece is worn out - Check the number of pulses that were performed with the handpiece. Replace if over 50,000 pulses

e. Improper locking of lamp into handpiece caused darkening of contact points - Stop system operation. Call radiancy service immediately


6. Darkened plastic near the lamp on the handpiece

a. The handpiece was not lifted from the treatment area after each pulse - After each pulse, make sure to lift the handpiece away from the treatment area. Hold the handpiece so that air can freely enter the lamp for at least 10 seconds before applying the next pulse


7. The patient feels that the handpiece placed on the treatment site is hot prior to triggering a pulse

a. The cooling airflow is blocked because hair has accumulated in the filter - Replace the filter


8. The cooling air-flow is weak

a. Rupture in the handpiece spiral tube - Replace the handpiece


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